Desert scenerio

Posted by: Black-Jesus

You're in a desert and about 3 days walk from civilization, don't worry; you have plenty of water. But one of these things are gonna happen, so which one will it be?

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Break a leg

5 votes
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Get clubbed in the head with a risk of concussion

3 votes

Get both your feet shot

1 vote

Get stabbed with a knife at random in the chest

0 votes

Inhale some anthrax

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Black-Jesus says2015-05-31T12:40:32.9026254-05:00
No phones btw
PetersSmith says2015-05-31T13:00:47.0435318-05:00
Black-Jesus: How bad is the breakage?
AlwaysRight12345 says2015-05-31T13:18:46.6771356-05:00
If you're at risk of being stabbed in the chest, that means that there are people around. Can't you just ask one of them to drive you?
Black-Jesus says2015-05-31T16:11:19.9939989-05:00
@PetersSmith, compound, tibia. And @AlwaysRight12345, there are other people around, but they want to stab you
Black-Jesus says2015-05-31T18:31:30.8667464-05:00
And they don't have cars
CannedBread says2015-05-31T18:51:01.2096923-05:00
You should have mentioned that. Can you befriend one of the stabbers?
reece says2015-05-31T18:53:39.4595368-05:00
It might be a 3 days walk but it's only a couple of hours drive ;)
CannedBread says2015-05-31T18:57:35.9942347-05:00
I'd just take a cab.
Black-Jesus says2015-05-31T21:40:26.7175877-05:00
Come on, folks. Alright, alright, you go insane and drive your car out into the desert, 3 days walk, until the car breaks down and you feel like hurting yourself somehow and all you have is a knife, a club, anthrax and a gun.
Black-Jesus says2015-05-31T21:42:46.0752714-05:00
No one around, no cabs, no phones, just you and your insatiable lust for your own blood, but you desperately want to get back to civilization
Forthelulz says2015-06-01T10:06:16.7179684-05:00
At this point, wouldn't it degenerate into "Which painful way do you want to die?"
CannedBread says2015-06-01T15:17:20.9636893-05:00
If my car broke down I'd call triple A.
reece says2015-06-01T16:25:14.2956211-05:00
I would just teleport.
Black-Jesus says2015-06-02T15:49:03.6025737-05:00
Screw you guys

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