Did God create many different religions to conceal an unpleasant truth?

Posted by: Juan_Pablo

Do you believe God intentionally created many different religions to conceal mankind from the harsh truth: that this is the highest quality world it could create?

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I'm an atheist. No God, no divine conspiracy to worry about.

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People create religions. God doesn't have a hand in it.

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Yes. God created many different religions to give us hope and to inspire us, even though the truth is this is the best possible world he could create. God lied to keep his creation as hopeful and happy as possible.

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No. God would never do something like that. There is only one religion that's true.

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Juan_Pablo says2015-07-22T20:05:53.2164025-05:00
I agree with many of you that much that is found in religion is made up entirely by people, so my answer probably isn't all that truthful.
karunadas says2015-08-01T13:50:54.8853679Z
It is a big blunder to represent `GOD` as an organism like human being ,birds etc.

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