Did Jesus (Christ) of the Bible exist?

Posted by: smilinbobs64

There is no archaeological evidence to support the religious claims, many biblical events have been dis-proven

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Yes, and there is evidence

54 votes

No, it's just a myth

17 votes

Maybe, But there were a lot of people named "Jesus"

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WhatCrazyPoleIsThereNow says2018-04-22T01:13:35.3603442Z
Jesus probably did exist, but he wasn’t necessarily the “Son of God.”
TheTrueBeliever says2018-05-07T17:54:53.5417385Z
This question can't even be taken seriously. The question may as well have been "Did Tiberius Caesar (of the Roman Empire) Exist?" or "No, he was just a myth". LOL, even Bart Ehrman, one of the most renowned atheist/agnostic New Testament theologians on earth will tell you that. If you believe Jesus was a myth, you are literally in the realm of "alternate realities" and tin foil hats. Most atheists are in this realm. Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=43mDuIN5-ww

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