Did Something Actually Come Out Of A Black Hole?

Posted by: reece


  • Yes. We will need to redefine how black holes function.

  • No, it's most likely some sort of error.

81% 17 votes
19% 4 votes
  • Maybe. Our science is limited.

  • Black holes have been proven to spit out matter from time to time so this is probably a gamma ray burst of light and white hot matter from a black hole going at the speed of light.

  • Something can come out it would just have to be a stronger force then gravity

  • because i believe in other form of life and in other reality/dimesions

  • actually, yes, but these things are called white holes(a theory by professor Steven hawking) black holes absorb matter and white holes create them or steal them from other universes and spit it out.

  • The url link is a hoax. According to NASA themselves, this is not the case: http://www.nasa.gov/press/2014/august/nasas-nustar-sees-rare-blurring-of-black-hole-light With that said, I marked no, specifically because this question is directed to this instance. Which nothing did. The corona actually moved closer to the black hole. There are, however, examples of things coming out of black holes, and this doesn't require changing how we perceive them. We've known about this for a long time. It's called Hawking radiation. A clear example of how this occurs: Particles and energy exist in all of space, even in the empty vacuum of space. If a particle pair reaches the event horizon, and the negative energy particle is swallowed by the black hole, then a positive energy charge will be released into the universe, thus, energy has come out of the black hole...and this energy can even create particles.

  • It's impossible to escape a black hole.

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TheJewelOfJool says2016-03-18T17:19:24.2734901Z
Black holes eject plasma. That's how we can see them.

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