Did 'The Big Bang' happen?

Posted by: Megan3002

The Big Bang Theory is one theory that dominates the astronomical field as a potential beginning of the universe as we know it. But was this actually the truth to what happened all those billions of years ago?

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The Big Bang happened.
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The Big Bang did not happen.
20 votes
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ladiesman says2019-01-07T04:22:00.0167046Z
Unless we travel back in time, We will never have absolute certainty.
kapil9125 says2019-05-25T09:31:59.5030156Z
Who was there to watch it was happen or not? Its just a theory but it can't be proof.
BOBGEN2 says2019-07-23T00:22:22.3262124Z
Yes you are right, We have no definite proof of the big bang but you have no proof of any god but you seem to believe its true.
jordan_chou says2019-08-17T09:02:58.8690892Z
I'm confused how it was before the big bang happened. It feels like nothing but a particle?

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