Did the universe create itself out of nothing? How?

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Forthelulz says2015-06-02T14:01:29.3608110-05:00
This is a question for scientists and theologians, not nerds with no social lives. However, it's a step in the right direction compared to your previous polls.
royan says2015-06-02T14:05:17.3200398-05:00
@Forthelulz Why are you so angry? Calm down man, you are just 17.
Krampus says2015-06-03T07:20:06.0174900-05:00
This is simple, the universe was created by the big bang. Allow me to elaborate the paradox of how the big bang happened (bare with me). See, we have been trying to understand this for as long as we have been around. What happens/has happened is that future people, in an attempt to answer this question, time travel to the beginning of time to witness what happened/caused the big bang. Due to time dilation's effect over the infinitely massive space/time continuum , those travelers were perceived to be gone for extremely long amounts of time (even though the traveler only perceived it as an instant). Since they were gone for so long according to the population waiting for their return, they decide to send more people to go investigate and report back, leading to a perpetual loop of people continuing to travel to the beginning of time. This happens over the course of the rest of our perceived future history, but takes place over an instant in time (again due to time dialation). This massive migration being infinitely fed by future travelers causes them all to meet at one spot in space at the beginning of time. Since it is one single spot in space, where an infinite number of people meet at the same instant, they collide with each other so hard that they explode, thus, the big bang. It is an explosion that is being infinitely fed, so all of the cosmic bodies continue to fly away from this one central point. In short, We caused the big bang, or at least our future selves will. The paradox is that the big bang hasn't happened yet, since our future selves caused it, but it happened long before we existed. This should settle this argument once and for all. Either that or I am just really bored and my imagination runs wild sometimes.

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