Did you know non muslims can't marry own land or become citizens in maldives?

Posted by: dietorangesoda

This is is response to the banned islam in japan poll you think it's so racist that japan restricts muslims but what about this policy in the maldives?

  • Yes

  • No

12% 1 votes
88% 7 votes
  • Though then again, the Maldives is a ridiculously small country (Not that I support this policy)

  • Well I can understand why.

  • I didn't even know what the Maldives were? Must not be that important.

  • Um...do they even matter?

  • I did not know this. However, I believe it was Neil deGrasse Tyson who said that the Maldives will be underwater quite soon if global warming continues. So if you feel the need to get back at them, let your car idle for a minute or two.

  • Yeah but who cares. It's their country.

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dietorangesoda says2015-08-08T01:37:00.2491749Z
@58539672 the maldives are an island nation in the indian ocean they have the lowest elevation point of any country about 8 feet above sea level they are a beautiful island that attracts many tourists and honeymooners alike (check them out on google) as i said in this poll they are a muslim country and while quite liberal due to the tourism theses are still the laws for citizens
Wylted says2015-08-08T01:58:51.2053750Z
It's pretty typical in non white christian countries for the minority to be treated this way. However when they become the minority, they coincidently don't think the majority should rule anymore.
stargate says2015-08-08T02:17:51.5414848Z
That is wrong, it is not giving the same freedoms to everyone.
58539672 says2015-08-08T02:39:37.2375723Z
The nation is 115 sq mi with a population of 340,000. It is the smallest Asian country in both land and population. Don't expect people to be in an uproar over such a small nations policy. What Japan is doing, despite being on a much more lenient scale, is more noticeable simply due to its size and wealth.
dietorangesoda says2015-08-08T03:21:17.5602822Z
It shouldn't matter there population or size it's still wrong
PericIes says2015-08-09T06:47:04.5345132Z
jaksunmadness says2015-08-13T09:41:03.5524328Z
Though I doubt I would ever live there but I suppose I'll just say I'm Muslim if I wanted to do any of those activities. Pfft nothing lost. I guess having no religion does help.

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