Discriminating against someone due to their religion is no better than racism

Posted by: Zylorarchy

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  • I am an atheist (some of you may know this) but... why should we discriminate against those simply because of different beliefs? It really is no better than discrimination based upon skin colour, or other physical aspects. It is unacceptable intolerance and such discrimination has no place in a civilised society.

  • I don't care what religion you are as long as you're not shoving it onto a society including me

  • Duhhhh unless, that is, their religion is the cause for unlawful acts committed on their part.

  • People's behavior depends on their religion. Discriminating against someone because of their behavior is reasonable.

  • What you believe is a choice. Just because we accept all different types of people does not mean all ideologies, ideas and beliefs are equal as well. We must debate ideas, and in the process, some ideas will be left behind. I do not think you should dislike anybody based on their race because their race is not a choice, and aside from that it does not hurt anybody. Some religions, on the other hand, do hurt people. Do you think that Aztecs should be allowed to kidnap people and sacrifice them? If we do not allow that, then aren't we discriminating against their religious beliefs? I do not think there should be a state religion, and I believe in freedom of religion as far as it does not hurt anybody else. Let people do as they will with their own lives, but that does not mean that they can do bad things to other people, even if their religion does say that they should. Simply put, religion should not supersede other laws. In only that way, we should discriminate legally against religion. As for an exchange of ideas: Because religion is a choice, it is fine to find some ideas absurd and counter them.

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debate_power says2014-06-19T18:49:04.7032227-05:00
Thanks for the offensive name, Brian. Also, nice assumption.
debate_power says2014-06-19T18:51:46.2880227-05:00
Both are prime examples of insulting content...
Masons_State says2014-06-19T19:54:50.1195613-05:00
How is his name insulting?... It is just his name and the political ideology he associates with. As for the issue at hand, I would point out that there is a difference between a race that you are born as, and a belief system you choose.
yetifivepecks says2014-06-19T20:57:57.5676546-05:00
I am for open-minded acceptance of all people, as much as possible. Discrimination based on religion is wrong in my view, but not necessarily as bad as racism. Religion involves a choice, racism is the pinnacle of childish hatred.
debate_power says2014-06-20T16:02:29.5497438-05:00
@Masons_State I'm not saying I dislike HIS name, I'm saying I dislike what he called the people who voted "yes".
Zylorarchy says2014-06-20T16:06:07.9491632-05:00
Briantheliberal: It is a shame regarding homosexuality. I have done polls about such discrimination and see that some people genuinely do believe it is right to discriminate against homosexuals. Discriminating against homosexuals is wrong, fact. But two wrongs don't make a right, just because many would vote no if "religion" was replaced with "homosexuality" does not mean religious people deserve to be discriminated against. After all, there are still many religious people who are actually sensible and do not discriminate against homosexuals.
debate_power says2014-06-20T16:08:09.0134878-05:00
Quite right , Zylorarchy: I happen to be one of those religious people you mentioned at the last.
briantheliberal says2014-06-21T05:15:22.0544124-05:00
Debate_power, I wasn't referring to you when I said that. I was referring to the people on this site who are known for being in favor of treating gays like second class citizens.

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