Disobedient wives should be punished

Posted by: GabrielleSutton

Wives should obey their husbands or be punished? Opinions?

57 Total Votes

No, They should have rights?

40 votes

They should be punished severely

17 votes
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eggshells says2019-02-24T01:54:09.2764032Z
Not sure if this poll is a joke or not
omar2345 says2019-02-24T13:45:46.0247870Z
Depends on the situation. To get to a point were you want to punish your significant other severely both of you should have a conversation on the future of your relationship. If both of you can't settle your differences, That result in severe punishment, , It is best to go your separate ways.
GlobalArguments says2019-03-30T02:37:04.6469751Z
If this poll isn't a joke, I 100% voted no. If my husband was 'disobeying' me, I wouldn't punish him tf lol
travisf47 says2019-05-13T21:04:57.0991568Z
Why not should wives be punished when the husbands will be punished for doing nothing. A husband is likely to be punished for the smallest of actions even when it's completely harmless.
mdawg0815 says2019-08-03T00:59:18.0237427Z
No! Lets see about "Disobedient HUSBANDS should be punished". . . Men who were saying that women should be punished for not being how they want them to, Listen up. How would you feel if you were a women being thrown around because of something you did wrong. Its not even a question. Men-Woman-Trans should all be treated equally. And if your wive is disobedient, Then sit down and talk to them, And settle it in a better manner. You don't need discipline to solve a problem. Maybe somethings bugger her. And same with you ladies. If your guy is acting up, Ask whats wrong. Problem solved.

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