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Formerland1 says2014-11-02T12:33:46.5449840-06:00
In grade five we began our space unit by being asked "do you think aliens exist " and " you you think aliens live on mars ". I answered yes to the first one and no to the second , everyone In my class was saying " that's the same question you can't agree with one and disagree with the other one ". And I said " is mars the only planet other than earth in the universe". And then they said " the other 8dont have the right teprrature ". I said " there are more planets than you could imagine , a billion billion billion planets in our own galaxy ". They said " no there is only 9 planets ( Pluto was still a planet ) and only one galaxy ". I said " I will never win this because your all complete morons ". That was first time I was sent to the office for behaviour , the second being me saying so didnt believe in god .
Mister_Man says2014-11-02T13:03:02.4853279-06:00
Lol, Religion - holding back scientific exploration since Jesus
Atheist-Independent says2014-11-02T15:21:34.4701747-06:00
Wow. Everybody voted yes, quite a surprise.

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