• Aliens do exist

  • Aliens do not exist

85% 50 votes
15% 9 votes
  • Obviously, Earth can't just be a single coincidence in a vast universe.

  • They could.

  • Tardigrades are aliens

  • I saw one

  • i believe so

  • If you do the math then it is probable there is life out there somewhere. Not likely to ever find or reach Earth though.

  • Obviously, it's impossible for the same reaction that happened on Earth to NOT have happened to one of the many other planets in the universe.

  • The sheer odds that life exists elsewhere are astronomical.

  • illegal aliens exist

  • They do ayy lmao ayy lmao ayy lmao ayy lmao

  • "there are infinite galaxies, why would we be the anomoly" Lil Dicky

  • uhm i mean look at mee3

  • "Just because there are millions of stars, planets etc. in space, that does not give the probability that there is life beyond earth, these planets are simple planets with no life. " Not they most probably have life

  • Aliens are real because my bestfriend is a alien

  • Its a very big world and there must be more than some humans out there.

  • I am an Alien

    Posted by: Johnv
  • This universe bigger than our little human minds could ever imagine. It's impossible for me to believe that we are somehow the only form of life in the entire physical universe. Even on Earth we have found forms of life surviving in extraordinary circumstances that we previously thought impossible - ex. life forms in the ocean surviving completely independent from sunlight and animals / plant life living in highly toxic environments that they have adapted to build an immunity to.

  • Of course. Do you think Star Trek is just made up?

    Posted by: JWALL2
  • If you mean by alien as extraterrestrial intelligent life then no I do not believe aliens exist. Well maybe believe is the wrong word, hope fits better. I hope aliens don't exist because if we were to meet them, the probability of it going bad is high.

  • even though the universe is huge there is still no proof they exist

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REmixer says2015-08-18T16:57:26.0848569Z
I believe aliens exist and truly hope they make themselves known some day. The human race values itself as the height of all creation with their abuse of power, belief of racial superiority, and mistreatment of "lesser creatures". I hope that a more advanced race shows us a better way of living and changes the human race for the better.
kingorc10 says2015-12-15T12:53:23.3380984Z
There is no evidence of alien life out there
Ernesto_5700 says2016-01-06T15:46:02.6080097Z
"there are infinite galaxies, why would we be the anomoly" Pillow Talking- Lil Dicky
TheLovaticSwiftie131210 says2016-04-25T14:24:43.0895313Z
The most current estimates guess that there are 100,000,000,000 to 200,000,000,000 galaxies in the Universe, each of which has hundreds of billions of stars. As far as planets go, there are around 50,000,000,000 in our milky way galaxy alone. The Kepler mission revealed 1,235 planet candidates, while 54 of them were orbiting their host star in the so-called Goldilocks zone. So I'm going to do some rough math to try an determine how many planets in the universe may be habitable for life like earth is. So if 54 out of 1,235 planets observed are in the habitable zone, this means that 4.3724696% of these planets are potentially habitable. What I'm going to do is calculate how many planets there are in the universe, and come up with an estimate to the total number of habitable planets there may be in the universe and draw a conclusion regarding the possibility of alien life existing based on those rough figures. This galaxy has 50,000,000,000 planets, this means that roughly 218,6234,800 of the planets in the galaxy may be habitable for life. If we took 2,186,234,800 and multiplied it by 150,000,000,000 (between 100,000,000,000 and 200,000,000,000) to get a rough estimate of the total number of habitable planets in the universe, we would get 3.2793522e+20 planets in a Goldilocks zone. If we look at our own solar system though, there are 3 planets in the Goldilocks zone but only 1 supports life that we know of. So if we took 3.2793522e+20 and divided it by 3 you would get 1.093117e+20 planets that are most likely habitable and have inhabitants based on all available evidence we can gather about the universe. The chances of having 1.093117e+20 habitable planets, with 0 inhabitants is so close to 0 that I can't even think of a rational number to describe it at the point (even though I'm basing these numbers on what we see in our own galaxy and solar system along with the Keplar mission, and the numbers may not be 100% accurate when describing the whole universe, the picture I'm painting as a whole is still very accurate as a concept even if mathematical figures may not be totally correct). This means that it is more likely that aliens exist somewhere in the universe, then not (even if only primitive life like bacteria exists, it is still alien life)
bhdchdch says2016-11-23T16:22:47.5835870Z
Aliens has been in our universe millions years ago before humanity. Aliens do exist due to the fact that there is plenty of cases that has been researched in details and has been proven by scientist and by most of the smartest people on this planet, that it is true! For my fist example I would like to use Adolf Hitler in WW2 when an alien UFO crashed in 1939 at the center of Germany, the German's went to look for it and brought back the pieces of the UFO and probably a few dead aliens. They brought the pieces to back to Adolf Hitler and he was interested in it so he requested the German's researchers to collect as much information about it and mainly how he could benefit this from the war and new technology of course for the weapons. Once the researchers find out about it, they knew that it could benefit them so somehow Hitler made a contract with the aliens saying if they can have new technology for the weapons and etc.. But in exchange the alien said that he would abduct people from this planet to make researchers about us but without harming anyone. So once the deal was done Hitler got the new technology and shut his mouth about it because it was kind of an unfair situation and hard to believe. As you can see and if you have made some research, Adolf Hitler was the first one to have the nuclear weapon and the German's had an advanced technology from all the others. This is only one case out of millions and note that when aliens abduct humans they can remove files from your brain to make you forget that you were abducted so maybe some of you guys could abducted... We never know for sure. But most importantly and significantly there is a massive main case about Bob Lazar that some of you might know about. So Bob Lazar use to work in area 51 for the military services and one day for some reasons he decided to quit the job but most importantly he was obligated to keep his mouth shut about alien interacting with humans. As soon as he left Bob Lazar spilled all the beans and told everyone about area 51 and especially a place called S4 which had a huge alien base. He said that aliens are giving resources to the army and that's why now a days we see more and more aliens space ship around the world because the aliens are giving the tools of construction to the army and now the army is in control for some UFO's!! He also said that the element used for those spaceship (UFO's) is ununpentium (Uup) which no one believed at first but after 15 years later of research they actually found out that it was true.In 2003 the revealed that Bob Lazar was lying all this time and he also mentioned that it was very heavy metal which we found out as well that it was true. Once The military services knew That Bob Lazar revealed the secret, they said that Bob Lazar never worked for them and the university in which he went in said the same thing! Because he wasn't suppose to tell anyone about it. Ladies and gentleman please note my words " One day we will all know the truth about aliens and i seriously don't know what is going to happen with this world."
Iwillkickyourbutt says2017-04-28T13:13:32.9011037Z
Aliens do exist, we just haven't found em yet

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