Do all human beings have powers?

Posted by: Foodiesoul

Many people believe that all human beings have powers/spiritual gifts but not all human beings know about them or know how to use them. Do you think that all human beings have powers?

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No, not all human beings have powers.

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Yes, all human beings have powers.

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ladiesman says2016-08-18T03:16:27.9076839Z
What do you mean by "spiritual gifts?"
Foodiesoul says2016-08-18T03:19:32.1630259Z
@ladiesman Spiritual powers.
ladiesman says2016-08-18T03:55:22.9607866Z
@Foodiesoul What would be some examples?
Foodiesoul says2016-08-18T03:56:43.9575713Z
@ladiesman Clairvoyance, psychic abilities, being able to conjure spirits, etc.
ladiesman says2016-08-18T04:07:54.8640460Z
Do you believe everybody has spiritual powers?
Foodiesoul says2016-08-18T22:01:49.4153857Z
@ladiesman Not really. If that was the case, then TONS of people would be dead as many people, not all, would probably just use their powers to kill people who they hate.

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