Do all religions have some truth to them?

Posted by: dietorangesoda

For religious people

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ZachZimmey says2016-12-07T01:27:19.8689400Z
Just Christianity.
FaustThe21st says2016-12-07T01:32:57.9472767Z
They can agree on moral perspectives, like "murder is wrong", but no there only one truth. Also. You can't just make a poll just for one group of people, that is a biased poll. "For religious people" everybody should be encouraged to participate.
Black-Jesus says2016-12-07T06:45:00.4445073Z
@dietorangesoda is taking data specifically from the religious, that doesn't make this poll biased. It would be biased if there was only one option, or an obvious option was left out because the OP didn't agree with it.
Iacov says2016-12-08T16:19:21.4336781Z
@Mharmam how much do you actually know about satanism?
Mharman says2016-12-08T17:27:42.7216722Z
That it is bent on worshiping Satan. Need I say more?
Iacov says2016-12-08T17:33:05.5813418Z
Well yes actually. Much like Christianity there are sects within satanism. Atheistic Satanist see the devil as a moral figure the ultimate symbol for humanity. Theistic Satanist believe in the actual deity as their lord who teaches them liberty of themselves. If you read the satatanic bible by Anton Lavey you will see that satanist believe in allowing all human pleasures to be accepted so long as they are not harming another person.
Gareth_BM says2016-12-11T14:23:58.8374790Z
I think many have a few nuggets of wisdom but I don't believe in any deity so I didn't vote.
ozu says2017-07-12T00:30:05.9624513Z
Well, "some truth" is such a loose, vague concept that it's practically unavoidable for a worldview, constructed even by the greatest idiot, to be correctly described as having "some truth" to it.

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