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Conservative101 says2014-04-27T12:49:51.7240649-05:00
If you think we don't and you do, I'd like to hear what you believe a communist is. I usually just go to the dictionary and observe from the outside, but of course I could be wrong.
Mike01506 says2014-04-27T14:58:11.1767480-05:00
Well then you obviously don't know what one is then, because to properly understand you actually have to read into it.
Fanath says2014-04-27T16:47:51.0622880-05:00
(Observing what it is through texts and books is exactly that, which is what he said he did, lol.)
Fight4Liberty says2014-04-27T17:35:36.2415960-05:00
It depends what you are stating. "Do Americans know what a communist is from a dictionary?" "Do Americans know what a communist is from political experience?"
Mike01506 says2014-04-28T15:17:12.3526498-05:00
From the everyday general knowledge, it's trying to imply.
Devilangel5 says2014-05-02T04:27:41.4830865-05:00
Too bad I abstain from this vote. Although technically yes only because some Americans do know, but I'd say the majority don't know a thing. It's rather those alive from Cold War era that believe in American propaganda, or a bunch of kids who end up being brainwashed or braindead about the topic. All depends which one comes first. If none of the stated then they know what Communism is! P.S. Brainwash meaning education taught them wrong or the parents are patriotic for America (probably through Cold War) hence children suffer from this. I had a kid tell me communism was a bad thing because of what Stalin was doing to his people... How are they correlated again..? Last I checked, the idea of Communism was not written as "Stalin did it."

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