Do ancient viruses; previously trapped in permafrost have the potential to drive humanity to extinction?

Posted by: reece

Comments would be great.

  • Yes, nature has the capacity and creativity to crush us.

  • No, at the very least we have the numbers to carry on.

25% 2 votes
75% 6 votes
  • There are any number of things that have the potential to cause mass extinctions most of which we don't even fully understand yet. That doesn't mean these things will cause a mass extinction. Humans have a number of physiological advantages that translate into the social advantage which drastically reduces the probability of the species going extinct.

  • Can it? Yes. Will it? No. Everything has the capacity and creativity to crush us, but we have the habit of not letting it.

  • There is always a small population that is immune to a disease.

  • They are not adapted to attack humans as we are right now. They are adapted to attack totally different organisms.

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Reeseroni says2015-10-02T14:21:27.2583867Z
Considering that they are ancient, chances are that these viruses would not be as complex as many modern day viruses, so the chances of a mass extinction are low. If science can find the cure to viruses as complex as ebola, they can come up with a way to become immune to ancient viruses.

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