• No, rights exist only within the confines of the human race (and only some human societies uphold them).

  • Yes, animals are the same as humans in terms of rights.

34% 11 votes
66% 21 votes
  • You only have what rights you take for yourself. I mean, I'd walk over you if I thought I would gain from it.

  • #TIEBREAKER on my own poll!

  • No. Rights are God given. Animals do not have "rights," but we have a responsibility to treat them well. For a more detailed look at my views, read Genesis.

    Posted by: BenD
  • No. It's because animals don't have the ability to voice their own rights, so we're doing it for them. After all, we created the laws against animal abuse.

  • Animals are valuable in themselves, not for human use.

  • @Forthelulz You are a bad person for saying that, you know that?

  • People have rights and it is certainly possible that a number of animals qualify as people. However, until we find some way of proving that certain other species of animals can think for themselves and have free will, it's only a possibility and not a certainty. Additionally, it's important to note that humans are still animals, they're not some magic demigods that just dropped out of the sky one day. Humans evolved just like the rest of life on earth.

  • They have right to a certain extent.

  • Humans are beings that are capable of empathy. With this distinction that few other creatures posses, we should strive to ensure the rights and happiness of other creatures. Vote for Pedro!

  • rights don't exist but all sentient beings have some moral value, so harming animals needlessly is wrong.

  • They are sentient, they have organs and they experience emotion. So yes.

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UtherPenguin says2015-09-28T23:29:39.6141429Z
Do racial minorities have rights?
komododragon8 says2015-09-28T23:31:55.3679535Z
This poll is a false dichrotomy.
Forthelulz says2015-09-29T00:49:16.9189058Z
Just leave it at "no" or yes", and let the people provide their own reasons.
briantheliberal says2015-09-29T01:19:49.7649575Z
UtherPenguin, faulty equivalence.
stargate says2015-09-29T11:50:07.9793210Z
I honestly think they do not, but this dose not mean I support abuseing animals. It is just that in my opinion animals have no rights unless an endangered animal.
TheHappyReaper says2015-09-29T13:22:34.7482102Z
They have the rights we give them, so they don't have any.
The_Aspiring_Sociologist says2015-09-29T20:49:58.3533421Z
Heh, I wish I had as many rights as animals....
BaxterDebate says2015-10-02T09:43:08.3292261Z
To a Falcon, does a snake have rights? To a snake, does a frog have rights? To a frog does a cricket have rights? Seems to me the animal kingdom doesn't have animal rights and if you believe that humans are apart of the animal kingdom, why should we act any different?
Smashalist says2015-10-26T08:05:48.2207555Z
They should - at least the domesticated ones - but they don't ..Not enough anyway
Wolfram says2016-07-25T04:25:24.8931009Z
Nope. Animals don't have the means to express their own rights, so we're doing it for them. Besides, we created the law against animal abuse.

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