Do atheists think Christians are stupid?

Posted by: mishapqueen

As a Christian, in my experience that this is the case. However, I don't want to make a hasty generalization. So I would love your thoughts. Please use respectful and kind words to others as you would like done for you. That way we can all enjoy ourselves! Thanks!

  • Christians are stupid

  • Christian are intellegent

41% 12 votes
59% 17 votes
  • I am atheist. I consider average christian to be stupider then average atheist. But not less intelligent. Their conditioning is preventing them to use full potential of their intelligence.

  • for not questioning their holy book while using logic for everything else, Christians are at least not as intelligent as they should be and could be.

  • Christians believe in a God and atheists don't. What they do or do not believe has no bearing on their intelligence.

  • Both answers are generalisations, you can get dumb and intelligent Christians. They're not all dumb just as they're not all cleaver. If you think belief in God(s) makes people automatically less intelligent than you, you are the stupid one.

  • As much as it is difficult to post on the misspelled side, not all Christians are stupid. Also, there is a big difference between intelligence and rationality.

  • Wow, i personally think everyone is equal in a matter of terms. So everyone is intelligent and talented at something. And Christianity has more facts about a God than the Big Bang theory/evolution (humans were once apes.)

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madness says2014-05-31T16:04:10.5411264-05:00
I don't know about stupid. However, what do you think of people who believe in fairies? Ghosts, bigfoot or Elchubacabra? Well God falls under that category with us.
debatability says2014-05-31T16:05:07.3566906-05:00
Not all Christians are intelligant, but not all Christians are stupid either. Both answers are huge generalizations. Athiest's opinions on Christians also vary.
BradK says2014-05-31T16:07:41.6987251-05:00
There's no depth to this. If you are afraid that people think you are "stupid", then you are a bit to self-conscious about what other people think about you.
teun95 says2014-05-31T17:09:43.1197034-05:00
I am an atheist I do not think Christians are stupid but I do think, too generalizing and really, what is stupid? I do find It stupid though, or rather dumb to take ancient scriture for truth. On the other side I don't blame people for being christian or religious.
missrepresented says2014-05-31T17:47:36.6596897-05:00
Does it matter? Christians believe what they believe and more power to them. I just find their beliefs naïve, childish, and full of false hope. But it is their right to believe as they wish. To measure it in degrees of stupidity is non-productive and assumptive.
briantheliberal says2014-05-31T19:52:36.5483871-05:00
As much as I hate generalizations, most Christians I know are not very intelligent. Then again, most people aren't.
Haroush says2014-06-01T09:26:36.0292540-05:00
Blackbird great answer!
Haroush says2014-06-01T09:28:02.5953187-05:00
I think so many people are caught up in the emotions that they must deny the possibilities in order to make everything seem right.
BblackkBbirdd says2014-06-01T10:49:23.7898513-05:00
yetifivepecks says2014-06-01T16:16:27.6143840-05:00
Generalizations are stupid.

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