Do doctors abuse patients medically for money?

Posted by: face1995

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Yes, they lie and abuse patients medically because they prefer having more money off from harming rather than saving lives so that patients can keep going to the hospital and spend more money on top for more medicine.

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Not sure.

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No, they don't. They are honestly trying their very best to find cures and the best treatments possible to help patients get healthier.

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Comrade_Silly_Otter says2015-02-04T22:43:24.4931391-06:00
My moms doctor took my mom off painkillers and refused giving her a cesarean section even though my brother was coming out wrong, she could of died and my brother tore her open a bit. Turns out the doctor got a $10,000 dollar bonus for saving the insurance company the drug money and the C-section money.
Hanspete says2015-02-05T06:51:26.5009538-06:00
Some doctors probably do, but I don't think that the majority do that, i think the majority really care about people.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2015-02-05T07:26:52.7319376-06:00
@Forthelulz Contracts and the like, you'd be surprised. @Hanspete It depends the company, but there are a lot of corrupt doctors. Our medical system is f*cked up

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