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Yes they are human too

Yes to human cloning is a book by Claude Vorilhon that was published in 2001. It indicates that cloning is a first step to immortality and eternal life.
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No they are demonspawns

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No one has a soul, so we are all gingers at heart

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They have gingervitus therefore they do not have a soul.

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devinni01841 says2013-09-06T12:03:24.6327796-05:00
I am a ginger... I have many souls... The ones I have stolen from my nemeses :D
Mikal says2013-09-06T12:15:39.5469044-05:00
Silly ginger souls are for people with pigments
lannan13 says2013-09-10T07:52:31.8449769-05:00
Someone stole my sig.
Catman4114 says2014-01-08T21:21:56.6856442-06:00
AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH thats kinda funny XD
tswizzle36 says2014-02-20T00:52:13.0818164-06:00
I would say they have souls only because they steal them from other people
whitesparrow123 says2014-03-18T11:47:31.5046084-05:00
Of course we gingers have souls! Didn't you know? Satan keeps them all in a locker- we have to go on a quest to Hades to get them back!
debate_power says2014-06-06T14:57:13.3653653-05:00
This is getting absolutely RIDICULOUS!
MadelineCS says2014-10-29T13:30:38.3211045-05:00
I am a ginger...And I can confirm that the only souls we have are the ones we have stolen! >:D
daneh says2015-04-01T13:36:37.5073806-05:00

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