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Guns don't kill people. People kill people. Guns just make it easier.



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Of course people die because of guns everyday.

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Ethan14 says2015-10-09T18:39:04.1352975Z
Why would she make a poll which is flexible enough to have more answers than yes and no to use yes or no as the answers to a non-yes or no question? She should have at least used an opinion. Question: "Do guns kill or people kill?" Answer: "Yes" or "No". "What does this mean that x% say 'Yes' or 'No'?," Thinks those who read this poll. At least she made it clear what each answer means. It would make more sense if the answers would be "People kill" and "Guns Kill".
Renegader says2015-10-09T19:21:48.2005056Z
The title of this poll along with the answer choices is hilarious. This makes no sense
Haroush says2015-10-09T21:06:10.0733244Z
True at Renegader.
reece says2015-10-10T00:28:52.9816215Z
Weapons are tools. The more powerful a tool is, the more destruction it causes. Do nukes kill people or do people kill people?
ButterCatX says2015-10-10T02:41:13.2536376Z
To answer reece, yes
reece says2015-10-10T04:13:18.3558220Z
It was a rhetorical question. Just letting you know.
ButterCatX says2015-10-10T13:45:53.0429031Z
I know but it was not a yes/no question and I answered it yes anyways

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