Do homosexual couples cause "more harm" to children than heterosexual sexual couples, or do both offer the same type of lifestyle and ultimately hold the same outcome?

Posted by: Mikal

Does it cause more harm overall?

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neurotic1 says2013-09-12T15:32:30.5148976-05:00
The problem with homosexuality is social. If a homosexual family brings a kid up to be ok with homosexuality it has no problems, that i know of, until it meets gay hate. Its gay hate that harms children from homosexual families by brainwashing and propaganda.
Mikal says2013-09-12T15:39:26.4496017-05:00
That could be true with anything though. If a straight couple raises a child to be monogamous, in high school he will get ridiculed for it.
PFCAlcatraz says2013-09-12T17:25:57.1252296-05:00
People just need to have more open views rather the one sided views people have now
RYB says2013-09-12T20:37:43.2503623-05:00
Homosexuality ruining the sanctity of heterosexual marriages, in my opinion, is about as valid as a person favoring chocolate ice cream ruining the versatility and purity of my vanilla ice cream. Do they really impact each other?
MasturDbtor says2013-09-15T18:27:32.7488147-05:00
The problem with this question is it doesn't specify "yes" and "no".

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