Do libertarians tend to agree more with the left or right?

Posted by: Texas14

  • The left

  • The right

17% 3 votes
83% 15 votes
  • Libertarians are of course the right. The left is about statism and having the government more involved in people's lives. The right is about more freedom to individuals. Libertarians believe the only need for government is to keep people from harming each other. If you don't agree then your not libertarian.

  • They usually agree with the right in economic questions, but with the left in civil rights. I will give you other view than usual in this comment. Pretending libertarianism could turn into the other side, socialist and anarchist ones, due to a failed system and extreme exploitation of the workers, so it could lead to a faster revolution.

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briantheliberal says2015-04-01T22:45:37.2485443-05:00
Libertarians are just right-wing extremists who hate taxes and love the status quo.
Texas14 says2015-04-01T22:47:55.8839669-05:00
@briantheliberal, I don't know about you but I think taxes are a pretty good thing to hate. Also, the status quo in the US provides freedom, and the rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Pretty good right?
TheMarquis says2015-04-01T22:54:52.3555575-05:00
@BrianTheLiberal: I know plenty of Libertarians who have left wing ideals. Making generalizations about people is a huge mistake. @Texas14: Taxes aren't a good thing to hate at all! They keep roads in one piece, public services available, and the country safe.
briantheliberal says2015-04-01T22:55:54.5759533-05:00
Taxes are what build our roads, educational and medical care facilities, our fire and police departments, feed poor children, build businesses. And the status quo only benefits the privileged in society. If we still upheld the status quo from the 1800's women would still be unable to vote and blacks would still be considered 3/5th a person. Only progress is what helps society to move forward and become better than what it was before.
briantheliberal says2015-04-01T22:59:32.3370379-05:00
TheMarquis, I also know Libertarians who have left'wing ideologies, but their core beliefs are still right wing.
basils says2015-04-01T23:04:45.3107657-05:00
Taxes aren't a good thing to hate. Taxes are what allow us to have a society.
TheMarquis says2015-04-01T23:05:49.2282059-05:00
BrianTheLiberal: I greatly disagree. Libertarians aren't Republicans who hate taxes more than the other Republicans. You can make that argument for the tea party who is usually on the right, but the libertarians overall are extremely varied on social issues. It annoys me when people talk about this left or right view of things being the most important. They are forgetting that up and down are actually part of it too. Up represents more government intervention and down represents less. Our parties and individuals have been measured on planes instead of lines many times, and the results are always more telling. Libertarians often share Republican views, but they aren't right. They are down.
briantheliberal says2015-04-01T23:31:11.6916602-05:00
TheMarquis, okay I will rephrase. In my experience, most, if not all libertarians I have encountered leaned right in their views, on this site as well.
Texas14 says2015-04-02T00:23:10.9428764-05:00
Taxes are what put small business owners into bankruptcy. There are certain taxes we need to do away with. Like the estate and income tax. Removing the income tax creates tremendous Jon opportunity. Just ask workers in Florida or Texas. Regarding the status quo, how do life, Liberty, and the persuit of happiness only benefit the privileged? I'm curious about that. The status quo in the 1800s was the same as it is today. The status quo back then wasn't opress women. It was life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness. Lincoln once said that the founders declared the right so that the enforcement could come later. Don't blame the founding for oppression.
Texas14 says2015-04-02T00:23:52.9005535-05:00
I meant to say job opportunity.
briantheliberal says2015-04-02T01:19:37.4284456-05:00
Again Texas14, STOP arguing for something by claiming it's something else. You want to argue for the status quo, stick with that. Don't change it and start calling it "life, Liberty, and the persuit of happiness" when that isn't what the status quo refers to. The status quo refers to the existing state of affairs, especially regarding social or political issues. History has already shown that relying heavily on the status quo and not moving forward as a nation puts certain groups of Americans at a disadvantage. If we were actually talking about the 1700's, shortly after the signing of the Declaration of Independence and establishment of the Bill of Rights U.S. Constitution, the only people benefiting from the "freedoms" it proposed were white male citizens with money. It didn't include women, it didn't include blacks or any other racial minority at that time, it didn't even include the poor whites. Had we stuck with the status quo, nobody else in America would have the same rights as rich white heterosexual men in society, in fact, to some degree this is still evident. That is why the status quo is detrimental to the progress and advancement of a civilization. Is it okay to follow a foundation? Yes of course. But sticking to old, outdated beliefs is not good for society.
Wylted says2015-04-02T05:39:18.5242854-05:00
Actually libertarianism is progressive. Technology advances the fastest and the most in unregulated areas. Look at how fast the Internet blew up when it was unregulated, now democrats are trying to regulate it, so ofcourse it's progress will stall.
Wylted says2015-04-02T05:40:02.4319498-05:00
And libertarianism is freedom for all, while liberalism is about dividing up freedom unequally.
Futurepresident2048 says2015-04-02T11:25:54.3783120-05:00
Okay all of you, let me make this simple. Liberalism: More power to government, less to individual. Hopes that government intervention in more parts of life will decrease poverty and therefore crime. Conservatism: More government power then libertarians, somewhat less to individual. Hopes that some government intervention (not as much as liberals) will help society. Libertarianism: Government only needed to keep people from harming each other, therefore government only creates and defines laws for justice, and prevent monopolies. Let everything else be privatized.

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