Do Men Own Women?

Posted by: Cjpd

I was just wondering if women belong to their husbands, and if men own their wives

  • Men own women

  • Women aren't men's slaves!

21% 13 votes
79% 50 votes
  • Men always own woman, they are just terrible at comebacks

  • Thinking it is wrong doesn't make it any less true. Women enslave themselves to men, and men are not complaining.

  • Long live Saudi Arabia.

  • Obviously. Guys believe that guys should be in charge, and girls whine about the guy's attitude.

  • "Don't worry, hubby, I'll make you your sandwich, be shorter, weaker, not as strong, and belong to you! You can own me, I'm not as smart!" My hubby always bosses me around, he is really strong and tall and I'm short and weak. He owns me and sometimes even kicks me in the shin. Yup, women, give yourselves up or else men kill you.

  • If women had rights, then where will we get the pussy from?

  • sexism at it's finest

  • No matter how much a man might think he owns a women we do not. Women compliment men and vise versa. But when the two go through marriage they will 'own' each other meaning they belong with each other but they still have their own rights.

  • The only diference between women and men is genotilia, what a stupid reason to dehumanize people, oh, uncircumcized people are lesser than circumcized people.

  • What man would really want to own a woman anyway?...I am from Canada not Saudi Arabia and like my women to have a opinion and be a partner..not a housemaid that I beat for having intellect!

  • Uh, no they no way in hell don't. Women are just as capable as men, and biologically, yes they are different, however, more women are becoming stronger, sometimes joining the army. It's from past tradition portrayed into our society. As a female and a human, I wouldn't want to be restricted just because I'm not a man. Even in religions (such as Islam) state that men and women are equal but they tend to play different roles.

  • Even in Ancient China, people knew better...

  • Men and women should be equal

  • NO!! Why is this even a debate men and women are equal.

  • Are men women's slaves? No! So what makes women being men's slaves so different?

  • This is just sexist. Women are people too so saying this is like saying enslaving black was right.

  • And men aren't women's slaves either! SHAME on the people who said yes to this very sexist question!

  • People don't get married because they want a personal slave. If you do, that is called sexual harassment and you could get in big trouble for that. People get married because they love each other or someone made them or anything else, but not to have a personal slave. Men don't automatically have power over women once they get married.

    Posted by: ca2005
  • As a woman, I have just as much cognitive ability as men. I am just as much of a human. This shouldn't even be a question.

  • This isn't even a question. Men do not own women. Whatever man thinks he owns a woman, should be reported to the police. It's not a law. America is the home of the free. Women, get out, work, love, enjoy your life, and do whatever the heck you want. Men don't own you. I think some of these men who think they own females are sad and lonely and can't keep a girl. The only way some of these nut jobs can keep a girl is if they "own" them.

  • Legally, no. Though there are instances today, which are unethical and illegal, men do own women. For example, some men enslave women for sex trafficking, which is very disgusting and dehumanizing. That said, those men technically own those women until they get rescued, or they escape.

  • I am a man myself and I believe we do not own Women, nor do Women own Men. In a religious point of view, I believe we are all created equal and deserve to treat each other with the same amount of respect, and treat each other no lesser because of simpily of that of speaking... gender. However, in a evolunatary point of view, I also believe that Men and Women evolved together. I also think it's wrong to believe that Women own Men, because of what I said before, we are created equally or in atheist-point-of-view, evolved equally.

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BlackFlags says2015-11-17T01:32:20.9928190Z
Women are the primary reason why feminism is a failure. Shouting a lot will not make women stop objectifying themselves.
reece says2015-11-17T01:32:25.4701051Z
@BlackFlags No, women are the enslavers.
BlackFlags says2015-11-17T01:34:58.7742532Z
Oftentimes yes, but not usually. The level of empowerment women have gotten to is where they can reject the advances of dorks, but anyone with a reasonable sense of self confidence and basic knowledge can play even the most elitist of women. It is only when men are not self confident and desperate when women began to play men for fools.
reece says2015-11-17T01:39:37.6920169Z
They're deceitful. They trick you with their looks and then they trap you into many years of servitude.
reece says2015-11-17T01:40:49.6250002Z
The greatest of men get played like fools.
BlackFlags says2015-11-17T01:44:58.0607182Z
Only if you are desperate like I said. Otherwise men often trap hundreds of bitches into a state of non-contractual slavery.
reece says2015-11-17T01:46:09.4155499Z
I beg you, don't be a fool. Don't underestimate the power they possess.
BlackFlags says2015-11-17T01:47:14.6716048Z
What kind of power? The fact that most of them are submissive both in sex and in life?
reece says2015-11-17T01:50:16.4931013Z
That's only an illusion of what they want you to see. Don't you understand??
reece says2015-11-17T01:51:23.6523928Z
I've seen men ripped in two. Oh the horror!
BlackFlags says2015-11-17T01:51:44.6565118Z
Whatever... Anyone else?
reece says2015-11-17T01:54:25.5796182Z
Heed my warning!!!
BlackFlags says2015-11-17T01:55:31.6029206Z
Man, we get the point. Now for something that resembles serious discussion, because I do get passionate about this issue.
reece says2015-11-17T02:00:57.5939926Z
Forthelulz says2015-11-17T04:04:43.6781610Z
That image is wrong. It needs a caption reading "Thank you, sir. May I have another?"
Renegader says2015-11-17T06:47:55.7470702Z
I understand this is a troll post and I concede that I laughed at the question's phrasing, but how the fk are there people (troll votes not included) voting yes? You are trash if you vote yes seriously.
Midnight1131 says2015-11-17T23:23:17.1146619Z
I really doubt anyone voted seriously.
BlackFlags says2015-11-17T23:25:19.1667820Z
I voted seriously, because I have seen interactions between men and women in modern society, and they resemble something close to voluntary slavery.
ThisIsNotAPerson says2015-12-01T15:45:58.5019165Z
No person will ever own me, so yeah, and I'm a girl!! Also we need stronger role models. We are the same species, the way I see it. Everyone is at fault here no one person is to blame. Also ur all my extended family because everyone is related in some way. This is true for everybody else as well so, Stop acting like you're better than someone else because they're female or male. Gender does not dertermine greatness, no one trait does.
Skyscraper says2015-12-02T19:34:30.3048657Z
You have many kinds of men and you have many kinds of woman. But it is about choices on what you want. It is true some ladys want to be told what to do and want direction and same with men. I seen men talk the big talk like a mans man then they get hurt they go crying home . There is a high percentage of those as well.
whatshouldIdo says2015-12-15T17:41:11.2373788Z
No one should own anyone.
whatsapp0808 says2017-05-17T21:35:25.3103743Z
I think that this is the dumbest debate question ever. Women are humans to you nutjobs!
womenrock says2017-05-28T04:59:57.4729757Z
Let me just say this....The other 22% over there that say "no," women should be slaves....Then y'all most be stupid. It's either that, or y'all just horny mother fuckers. I even bet y'all all men too. Nigga without women y'all wouldn't be alive right now. Y'all will be sleeping in dirty ass homes, and starving cause most of y'all can even make damn sandwiches. So if I was y'all, I would shut my horny ass up, and listen to us women for once god damn it ain't that hard.
Jeremy798814 says2018-06-29T06:52:52.8646787Z
Sexism is a joke. Adds to the factor why Humanity is pure trash nowadays and can't come to accept that Men and Women are created equally. Sexism is also a waste of time to talk about, why should they create feminism when we can worry about bigger problems and bring the opposite gender in? However, there are some expectations, we should keep Women back in war for a good reason, to take care of our children and nurture them, and also to take care of the country while the men have gone fighting. Since we aren't in the age of technology where Artificial Intelligence can do the job for us and Women can be sent in war too.

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