• Yes

  • No

50% 13 votes
50% 13 votes
  • Yes. Look at the life of Jesus. He finished last because He stood for what is right. I am not saying not to do that, but I am saying that Jesus is the prime example. Next in line is Job. Boy howdy, that dude had bad luck. I guess that lesson is to trust God and whatnot although God does puzzle me quite a bit.

    Posted by: Sitara
  • Nice guys can finish last. But nice guys frequently finish somewhere in the middle, too! There' s nothing wrong this. Being first shouldn't be our prime objective . . . being the best person one can possibly be is more important. By the way, a lot of people that I know that consider themselves a nice guy actually aren't. They're fairly rotten in the heart.

  • Not necessarily. Civility can take you far.

    Posted by: bsh1
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jocelyn.niedzwiecki says2014-03-26T11:53:43.8298289-05:00
Nice guys do not finish last. Saying that nice guys finish last is a way of taking absolutely no responsibility for what went wrong in the relationship. Trust me when I say, there is not a single girl on this planet that doesn't like someone who is nice. You, my friend, who thinks that nice guys finish last are going after the wrong people. You're attracted to someone for the wrong reasons. If you go after a girl who's into looks and money, nice doesn't fit into that. She's going to go after someone like her that she has something in common with her a.K.A. People you think are douchebags. People look for their equal, you obviously need to figure out why someone doesn't like you, being nice is not it. Maybe you don't have a job, or you still live with your mom, these are legitimate reasons why someone wont like you.

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