Do overweight people deserve to be treated badly?

Posted by: Kivits

  • Yes because it might encourage them to change their lives

  • No, they don't deserve to be treated badly solely based on appearance

31% 5 votes
69% 11 votes
  • You should never just treat a person like trash. Being overweight and especially being obese is incredibly unhealthy but we should not simply make fun of them. We should come beside them and show them love and try to help them get their life back on track because they deserve to be healthy as well.

  • Overweight people need help, not abuse.

  • Treating them badly would not help in any way. They deserve to be treated as humans. They need help. and i don't think that treating someone like crap has ever helped them

    Posted by: Zoecri
  • No one deserves to be treated bad.

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