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Yes they yeĺ at me if I get a B

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No they care about me more than anything

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Maybe they both

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tsume says2015-05-19T08:32:27.2361778-05:00
@emmalynn You don't care if you get a bad grade? Good bye future. You're not going to succeed in life.
benhos says2015-05-19T16:26:32.3031152-05:00
@tsume Not exactly, grades are a really crappy way of judging the abilities of students.
Stefy says2015-05-19T17:22:55.6181777-05:00
If your parents seem to care a ton about school it means that they care about you. Saying that if someone cares about your education and future opportunities is them caring less about you is stupid. Appreciate that you have parents who want you to do well and have opportunities. It means they really really care about you.
face1995 says2015-07-14T11:47:15.2556258-05:00
They may care, but if struggle comes unintentionally with low grades, and you try and still can't, the parents may assume that you're lying and even if they knew you were not, they would still act like if you did it intentionally and they may punish due to a disability, rather than help. Everybody has disabilities in one way or another, and everyone's abilities come in different levels. Talent and skill is not the same thing. Talent is the measure of how good someone is at advancing in learning something certain. Skill is the measure of how much you're able to do a certain thing. Someone without skill but in a thing but has talent in that thing and someone else has some skills in that same thing but not much talent in that thing. That person had to work and practice harder to get there and if they both practice the same thing for a certain length, the one with talent will eventually pass the one with little talent in that field.

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