Do People, Particularly Americans, Understand the United States is a Representative Republic?

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No, They do Not Understand. They Think They're a Democracy.

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They likely Don't know What Form of Government They Have at All.

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Yes, They do Know.

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ilovejews7 says2017-04-25T20:14:18.2959562Z
It is a representive republic because democracy voted for the representatives....The representatives however are enthralled in special interests, so it cannot be be termed representative. The voting machines are outdated by decades and are prone to glitches. Therefore, the two terms "representative" and democracy" do not adhere to the citizenry. excuse unedited grammar sentence structure run on sentences
LuciferWept says2017-04-26T00:50:08.7372866Z
The term "representative republic" is redundant. A republic is a combination of two kinds of government: democracy and aristocracy. As Rousseau points out, aristocracy (or rule by the best) devolves into oligarchy and democracy (or rule by the many) devolves into ochlocracy. A republic is the best blend of these two. People democratically elect the representative, senator, and president they feel is best.
reece says2017-04-26T03:28:21.4039562Z
LuciferWept, you're kinda twisting what aristocracy is. I would keep it as being ruled by the noble. 'The best' is ambiguous. I would personally conserder the best as being technocratic ...Because they're the best qualified.
reece says2017-04-26T03:36:20.4175562Z
Anyway, isn't a representative republic just a democracy? If you think about it, a representative republic is paradoxical.
ShadowbannedAlready says2017-07-30T21:08:27.2153090Z
It makes no difference what we want to call ourselves. The constitution is all but worthless now, so even wanting to be a Republic is a stretch. Politically, the U.S. is just an oligarchic clusterfuck of a corporation, and the highest ideal we strive for is profit. The charade of democracy was meant for other countries, but we've gone and believed it ourselves.

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