Do Transgender people have a moral obligation to inform potential romantic partners

Posted by: Whatsreallyright

This is assuming they appear one gender and identify as another or achieved it by surgery

  • Yes they do (Comment why)

  • No they do not (Comment why)

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  • it isn't fair to the partner to not disclose very personal information like that before sleeping with them

  • People have different sexual orientation. With that being said, some are okay with being with a transgender, and some are not. I am not against same sex marriage because it's not something that harms others. Nevertheless, I am straight. I actually don't feel any sexual desires or sexual attraction, but I do feel attraction by appearance. Even though I feel attraction by appearance, I acknowledge that appearance is not what matters, but character and personality only. One certain thing about me is that I don't want to be with a transgender. There may be homosexuals who may be okay with being some people whose original sex is the opposite as their own while that partner is transgender, and some are not. There may be straight people who may be okay with being someone whose original sex is the same as their own while that partner is transgender, and some or many are not. I know it seems judgemental and quite discriminating, but is it reasonable? I have no real answer to that question but as far as my preference goes, I (being a male, not transgender) want to be with someone who is female and born female. Another thing is that not letting the partner know whether you're transgender or not may destroy the relationship within a second the second that partner figures out, based on whether that person wanted someone transgender, or not transgender. That wouldn't apply to those who didn't care about it, but it should still be told about before even bothering requesting a relationship to avoid making a move that may deeply break your heart.

  • I'm not transphobic, but I personally wouldn't want to date someone who's trans. I think it's unfair to make someone sleep with you without disclosing such important information.

  • Straight people would not want to be with a trans person. That's not hateful, that's a fact.

  • Transsexualism is still a big issue in the world today, and it is extremely decisive. I would advise transgender people to inform partners of their transition before things get too serious, because many people would still be okay with them, but others might not be so happy, and they might reject them, especially if the relationship is serious.

  • It would be better for them to do so.

    Posted by: 124275
  • ...just god **** it. There is a huge difference between being a 'phobic'/hater and having a preference. If you have a preference against or no desire to date a (fill in the blank with whatever cutesy Liberal label) person, then (a) don't date one or (b) if you can't tell, you have an equal right to simply ask and state your stance. Sick and tired of this demented Leftie 'absolutism' philosophy: well, if you don't approve, then you must be a (fill in the blank with negative label. Sorry dimwits, logic doesn't exactly work that way...that's just called lazy-*** thinking and pulling assumptions out yo ***. If you have a preference against something (anything), it really is ok; that doesn't mean you hate or disrespect it. If ANYONE says anything's a blatantly lie...only you and you alone know what you think. F***ing stand up for yourselves and your positions. Notice why Lefties cater to young folks...your young, dumb, and full of ... . And you **** young'ns just cave in so quickly so you can 'fit in' or 'appear right'. Sad.

  • One should have the right to sleep with a member of the sex they are attracted to and not a member of the sex they arent attracted to.

    Posted by: Dilara
  • I support transgender rights, but I believe that, just like your romantic partner knowing your sexuality, they should also know if you are trans. If they are uncomfortable, fuck them, but they have the right to know

  • Only one answer and that is YES and if there is a physical relationship then the other partner has a right to know.

  • Yes. It is rape by deciet. No matter how much you identify with one gender you were born a gender that some people may not be comfortable sleeping with. While you have your own identity so do others and by hiding your true sex you are violating them and who they are which can be very traumatic.

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