Do violent video games have a bad influence to children?

Posted by: JSJUNG

Please try to answer without as much bias as possible.

  • Yes, violent things are not good for children.

  • No, violent things do not influence children.

19% 6 votes
81% 26 votes
  • Video games often have the player deeply involved in the game. If a child is often exposed to violence, the mind emulate the violent actions of the game.

    Posted by: JSJUNG
  • Violent video games are not something they should play until they are more mature, but violent video games for adults and teens is fine.

    Posted by: ashkan
  • Violent video games give children an unrealistic view of the world, and they cannot distinguish true violence with what they see within a video game. Now, when they are older and mature enough to see a distinction, then it's not such a big deal.

    Posted by: MaiaG
  • i think only tards should not play violent videogames

  • It depends on the child. Many children have played violent video games with no long term effect but the media portrays games as an evil to be reckoned with. there was a ten year study that found no correlation with violent video games and violent children. here two links.

    Posted by: JNava
  • If I watch superman, I won't try to fly. If I play COD I won't kill twenty people.

  • The news has more of an effect on children, as it is real, while video games are not

  • Most children, after playing/watching a violent video game, won't instantly think "Hey! If this video game character can kill people, so can i!" That just doesn't make sense. Note the "most" bit. Children who are not raised with the same morals as other families might actually think this, but it's unlikely.

  • There are many reason related to both content, whether it's the game's fault, the gamers, or the parents. In the end, it's the individual reaction towards it. But I guess blaming solely on video games is the most cheapest reason people willing to give in anyways. So yeah that's my reason

  • Some children have played many violent video games and got addicted to them and then there parents took them away from them and got mad because their favorite hobby was taken away from them and their emotions have been mixed so they rage.

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Werd5273 says2016-04-29T15:17:36.7695694Z
If you had your favorite hobby taken away you would be mad too...

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