Do we really need homework?

Posted by: Catloverx100

What's the point? We could just cheat at home anyways.

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We dont need homework
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Yes we do need homework
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Catloverx100 says2013-09-18T16:52:44.1136763-05:00
What is wrong with u people
Rebelfarmer says2013-09-18T22:43:21.2321573-05:00
I hated homework id rather of had an extra 3 hours of school
Cowboy0108 says2013-09-19T10:43:14.4750721-05:00
Homework is to help stupid people learn the stuff. Smart people do not need it and they know the stuff. Stupid people need it to learn even though they probably don't do it anyway. Homework should only be given in stupid classes and to stupid people.
imabench says2013-09-19T11:00:15.0748254-05:00
But then that would mean you would have to do homework for the rest of your life cowboy!
Kidsrule1 says2014-04-10T13:37:36.0835336-05:00
I think schools should get ride of home work becouse its unfair for kids that are challanged so if thos kids get more help it would be help full to them and there teachers becouse it takes the kids to long to do it and some kids my be stressed out to much to do there homework or study for there big tests
Angie14 says2014-04-29T21:47:03.0053060-05:00
From kindergarten to 5th grade homework should be banned. That free time after school for those kids are needed for exploring and playing. Middle school should prepare you for high school homework. Once you figure out how to time manage, you should be able to do homework in high school. Doing your homework in high school is very important. As a college student I've learned that in order to understand the lesson being taught I have to do some outside exploring on the subject and do extra homework to pick up what my instructors are teaching me.
alanamaness says2015-01-14T11:14:40.1151499-06:00
Homework is an unfair way of keeping children at work after school, using term 'Unfair' I mean other families have different situations: Some parents don't have the time to help the children with homework, then other parents force there kids to work in isolation and then the parents who do all the homework for the child. This results in different learning ability's for the students. Homework should either be banned or rearranged.

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