Do we underestimate or overestimate animal intelligence?

Posted by: Itani

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PetersSmith says2014-11-09T22:18:00.7179468-06:00
Underestimate. We believe that teaching grizzly bears to be our steads is unreasonable and ridiculous, I beg to differ. Those bears will make excellent combatants in war.
Itani says2014-11-09T22:36:51.1385312-06:00
I agree. I also think ants are very, very intelligent. Just look up how they live, and you'll see how insanely complex they are.
PetersSmith says2014-11-09T22:38:16.8441502-06:00
Itani: And dolphins.
Itani says2014-11-09T22:46:03.1898860-06:00
funnycn says2014-11-10T06:45:49.9189067-06:00
My profile pic is of one of the world's smartest creatures.
funnycn says2014-11-10T06:46:02.0092167-06:00
No, aw, hold your applause it isn't me.
blackkid says2014-11-10T06:48:18.3567127-06:00
What ... Bizarre humor.
funnycn says2014-11-10T06:48:50.7587435-06:00
@Blackkid what do you mean?
blackkid says2014-11-10T06:52:20.4751287-06:00
Nothing. Don't mind me.
funnycn says2014-11-10T06:52:39.6004835-06:00
@Blackkid then why make it a big deal?
dmussi12 says2014-11-10T06:52:46.8395967-06:00
The fact that you think ants are intelligent is proof you overestimate the overall intelligence of animals. Seriously everything they do is controlled by a hive mind, which itself merely seems intelligent because its instincts are so finely tuned. Most animals don't think.
blackkid says2014-11-10T06:53:40.5361735-06:00
It's a big deal, that's why I made it at such, but then I realized that the deal, despite being so big, need not be THAT big. You know?
dmussi12 says2014-11-10T06:54:53.5247665-06:00
@funnycn He means that humans like to find pattern and put our attributes on other animals, so when we see humans actly intelligently (eg building a bridge) and animals building something (eg beavers building a dam) we assume they are intelligent/conscious as well, when they are simply acting on instinct.
funnycn says2014-11-10T06:55:11.1588971-06:00
@blackkid Ah you're trolling. Well go on I don't care.
funnycn says2014-11-10T06:55:41.6420787-06:00
@DM I doubt it. He's just trolling like always. Seriously someone should ban him.
blackkid says2014-11-10T06:58:56.0698639-06:00
What one does not understand one decries? So very human. However I was not kidding about the personification of animals and how intellect is forced upon them through such means. It is equivalent to saying that the natural navigation systems in animals are symptoms of advanced geological mapping when in fact it's simply instinct and has no such value. It actually is NOT amazing that certain types of birds and butterflies and other animals find their way home.
funnycn says2014-11-10T06:59:27.8160499-06:00
@Blackkid Just leave seriously.
blackkid says2014-11-10T06:59:58.8752517-06:00
funnycn says2014-11-10T07:00:41.2755081-06:00
@Blackkid You're just a troll why are you even on this site?
blackkid says2014-11-10T07:01:20.1034103-06:00
I didn't read whatever you said but we're not doing this. You'll be talking to yourself from here on out here.
Formerland1 says2014-11-10T08:42:38.5390103-06:00
The average ant hive mind has the calculation speed and intelligence of a rabbit .
Formerland1 says2014-11-10T08:42:50.9517215-06:00
Just a fun fact
reece says2014-11-10T08:49:31.6376023-06:00
"we assume they are intelligent/conscious as well, when they are simply acting on instinct." what? And we're not acting on instinct? If so, what are we acting on? We are just as a part of nature as anything else (we are nature) It's typical that people think humans are the center of the universe and we don't go by the same rules as everything else.
Formerland1 says2014-11-10T08:55:33.8443407-06:00
We both overestimate and underestimate animal intelligence . As I said in my comment I feel that animals such as deer ,cows , fish , rodents ,ect Are overestimated because they do not show signs that they can think or feel at the level people expect from them . Alternatively animals such as canines , felines , cetians , cephlopods , and raptors are severely underestimated
reece says2014-11-10T09:00:36.7924567-06:00
@Formerland1 i'm not talking about the intelligence level.I know we are more intelligent, but in some areas, we're not.
Itani says2014-11-10T15:22:56.8564857-06:00
But ants seem so complex, like how they can remember landmarks if they stray from their path. I do agree with you about cars though. They can sense when someone is going to die.
Itani says2014-11-10T15:23:28.6488781-06:00
themightyindividual says2014-11-10T17:11:33.4545385-06:00
I once went up against an environmental group to represent a small fishing company. The environmentalists stated that there were at least 3 dolphins that were killed by the company accidentally. When the case was through, the judge sided with the fishing company because the environmental group had lack of evidence. But what I learned was that even though that same group said that dolphins were so smart, apparently they weren't as smart as that fishing net.
Itani says2014-11-10T20:26:06.2609502-06:00
That's not intelligence, that is a physical limitation
dmussi12 says2014-11-10T21:00:22.6669207-06:00
@Itani Recognizing landmarks is not intelligence either. Look up the digger wasp experiment. Plus, cats can't sense when someone is going to die. That is superstition...
Formerland1 says2014-11-10T21:45:10.4361926-06:00
They an sense when someone is weak .

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