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Women are likely pardoned from reverse rape, murder, theft, assault by two times more than men that commit similar acts. Women are in favor from divorce cases they receive alimony and child support. Hearings on rape no matter how much of a lie it is...  they will get compensation for it   more
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Stefy says2015-05-13T06:07:55.5961746-05:00
Theres no such thing as reverse rape. Just rape.
Stefy says2015-05-13T06:11:06.6518240-05:00
Bias. The no option has no argument under it but the yes does
briantheliberal says2015-05-13T07:32:57.2414154-05:00
What is "reverse rape" ? Is that another ridiculous term like "reverse racism" made up why some delusional white guys to directly and specifically highlight discrimination towards themselves? It's called 'rape' and it can happen to anyone regardless of sex or gender. However, laws regarding rape are biased in favor of women. More often than not, male victims of sexual assault, and even domestic violence, at the hands of women are commonly ignored. Laws regarding divorce, alimony, child custody and support also favor women more than men. This is clearly evident and statistics prove it.
geauxpelicans5 says2015-05-13T09:04:03.6172485-05:00
Women are more likely to be pardoned from a lot of things than men. It is true that many laws are biased to favor them over men.
geauxpelicans5 says2015-05-13T09:06:57.4144188-05:00
I suppose reverse rape is a woman raping a man, but I still don't see how that works. I've never understood how a woman could rape a man.
Gustav_Adolf_II says2015-05-13T09:14:49.3808057-05:00
@geauxpelicans5 What's so confusing about it?
geauxpelicans5 says2015-05-13T09:17:23.8508891-05:00
How exactly does a woman rape a man. I guess they use some sort of drug to subdue him, it's really not that confusing it's just weird for me to think about.
PetersSmith says2015-05-13T13:01:55.5061939-05:00
This definitely slightly proves my point in Sophia's poll about meninism.
komododragon8 says2015-05-13T15:54:05.9695612-05:00
I dont know about the rest of those cases but I do know that the whole "women have an advantage in child custody cases" is bs. For one thing in many of those cases both the parents agree that the women should take get custody. Also many of the cases where women get custody is because the father has a huge issue (such as alcoholism) Im pretty sure that in cases where both parents are equally good the gender gap disappears for the most part.
Stefy says2015-05-13T17:29:32.2526535-05:00
Sometimes their is a bias that favors women in some court cases and legal matters where they are less likley to be convicted. But that isnt the same thung as having power in the legal system. The legal system is still overwhelmingly set by men. They have the power even if they use that power to let women of easy is some cases, though women in other cases can have it worse (parental righta for rapists, abortion, etc.)

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