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Yes, women are still facing discrimination today.

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No, women are treated fairly.

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snkcake666 says2016-03-01T02:21:12.4620352Z
@lilahhh Women are paid no less than man.
Galaca says2016-03-01T02:23:22.1169596Z
I think that the "war on women" is ll in the minds of those who see the "outcome" of it...
Anonymous says2016-03-01T03:39:31.3799327Z
We are not oppressed like feminists say but we do have challenges that are specific to our sex. Lets not forget that men also face sexism.
snkcake666 says2016-03-01T04:20:39.5653543Z
@Brendan The pay gap is a myth.
Heterodox says2016-03-01T06:23:44.1066908Z
The question, which I thought I already posted on (poster must of multiposted), is a false duality. Discrimination can occur and they can still be treated fairly. However, I think that instead of the discrimination leading to negative outcomes (as most people only use the word discrimination in that context) it leads to preferential ones (a definition used less often). || As for the pay gap myth. They want you to believe that a woman is paid less than a man for the same job, this isn't what the numbers show. The numbers show that the average pay of all men is higher than the average pay of all women. Some jobs simply pay more than others.
BlueBex says2016-03-03T05:02:41.6758939Z
Even if the wage gap doesn't exist, which seems to be the only issue people spend their time on, systematic gender bias still exists. I live in Canada and until last July I still had to pay tax for buying tampons. This was in 2015! I was having to pay taxes for a product I needed to have so that I could meet basic hygiene requirements for my job. Or how about the fact that a pink razor costs more than the men's blue one? Or the fact that women's clothes cost more than men's, even for basically the same product? Or how about the fact that women have to wear makeup and dress/look attractive to get certain jobs? Or the fact that studies have been done in which the exact same resume is sent requesting scholarships/grants/etc to multiple university programs with one having a man's name at the top and one a woman's and on average the man gets awarded $4000 more than the woman? Or maybe the fact that when a woman is raped she is asked what she was wearing and how much she had to drink as if that has any bearing at all on whether she was sexually assaulted or not? Or maybe the fact that men are called pussys for showing emotion because it makes them seem girly and weak, because being perceived as girly is a bad thing? Or how about the fact that when a gender reassignment surgery is done at the beginning when the body is perceived as female the nipple are blurred or and at the end when the body appears make the nipples are seen, even though they are the exact same nipples,? Or maybe the fact that I am a slut if I sleep around but a guy is a player if he does? I suppose that all doesn't matter right? It's a figment of my imagination? Look, I am not saying there isn't inherent bias toward all genders/ethnicities/whatever. What I am saying is that a lot of the gender bias against women is a major problem that needs to be addressed. This does not mean I don't think discrimination against other people is not an issue. This just means that I can identify that discrimination against women is definitely A problem. Note I said A problem, not the ONLY problem.
BlueBex says2016-03-03T05:09:50.4996891Z
Note: In reference to the blurry nipples I was referring to a television show in which the process for a gender reassignment surgery was filmed. Additionally: when men a raped they are demeaned for it because the idea of a man being raped is seen as unmanly. They get comments made to them such as "you should have just enjoyed it", "you should have been able to fight her off", etc. The are seen as feminine and weak for not having prevented their own rape. Because there is a cultural discrimination against "men who don't act like men".
Fernyx says2016-03-03T15:42:02.8677535Z
The question should be "Do women face institutionalized sexism more than men in western culture?" to which it would be no. But to your question I could say sure, in the Middle East. Far too vague of a question.
Fernyx says2016-03-03T15:56:58.2215107Z
@BlueBex the wage gap is an average, not same job. A key that opens many locks in a master key, a lock that is opened by many keys is a shitty lock. Rape culture is a myth in the first world, the 1/5 statistic involves 3 questions that do not count for the legal or school policies for sexual assault or rape, and it is 1/5 sexually assaulted by a broad definition. Rapists are punished by law and the reason there is 'victim blaming' is because the judicial system operates under innocent until proven guilty, which if it wasn't, would cause chaos like what was happening in England. Stereotypes are normal and meant to be laughed at, but if you want a stereotype, say men are not emotional or all men are potential rapists hiding their rape urges, I got that one from FemFreq. Government should be elected on qualifications, and you ignore that the representatives in government are elected by both men and women in a practically 50/50 population, if you want more women in office force women to vote for women, what you want is gender parody, not equality. Lastly where you have to pay for tax on tampons, men have to pay more income tax. Now to play Devil's advocate, men only win child custody 10% of the time when the parents are equally capable, schooling is catered towards the learning style of young girls and women as most teachers teach in the way they learn best, and seeing as most teachers are women they teach like a women learns. Men face 2:1 discrimination in STEM fields, and they also get scholarships men cannot get. Also with rape accusations the media presents the man as the perpetrator before he is convicted, and when it turns out the story is fake, the media still paints his as bad. Men can spend 20+ years in prison for a false rape claim and the most the woman gets is a fine and maybe a year for falsely accusing him. Men are far more likely to get raped in prison and raped as children, and on the subject of prison, men face longer sentences for the same crime and are disproportionately numbered in prison compared to women. I can argue against all of those just as well, and you argument, just showing you that western civilization does not have a war on women.
snkcake666 says2016-03-03T21:49:30.5854651Z
@Bluebex Certain women's products, such as razors, are notorious for higher quality value than men's products. However, if the price is such an issue for you, then consider buying the men's versions. No one is holding you to a gun and forcing you to purchase these products. And as for makeup in the work environment, if is by -no- means required, or even necessary for that matter. Not sure where people pick up on that impression, but considering the vast number of employed women that I know who do -not- wear makeup, I am inclined to consider that one a myth as well. But take here for a moment. You act as though women somehow have it 'worse off' than mean. Did it never occur to you that people of either genders confront issues, equally stressful, of their own? Simply because they might necessarily differ, does not automatically warrant problems of women as worse than those of men. But back to your prompt, again, concerning clothing, there is plenty of gender neutral clothing which can be purchased, if price is such an issue. The reason women's clothing is usually priced higher is because, typically, it is designed to be more stylish, with higher quality.
zoo says2016-03-17T04:34:46.2355046Z
No, in fact I believe that men are more discriminated against. We are blind to even begin to actually look. Women have far more special rights, are not expected to die to protect. Far more educational assistance and society is full of women only business, funding, care etc. We are just to self absorbed in this country to consider anything else.
Exezs says2016-05-29T23:13:33.2808906Z
For those who say no, go in the place of a woman. Not just the rights. The stereotypes,the way theyre treated,the way theyre labeled,the way theyre seen. The way theyre expected to be and what theyre seen as when they arent. Be a woman. Look throufh a woman's eyes. Then tell about it.
Exezs says2016-05-29T23:14:27.2572366Z
I dare you to be a woman for a month

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