• Yes

  • No

38% 3 votes
62% 5 votes
  • He is well researched and has proven to be 100% accurate. Liberals hate him because he calls them out on their BS, over and over.

    Posted by: t_81
  • He's has socially backwards and is a convinced criminal but ya look @ them Christian morals.

  • No one should listen to this felon and liar. He's a xenophobic sinner whose entire career has been built off of bearing false witness. If we lived under the archaic laws he vocally supports, he would already have been stoned to death for being a lying, thieving corrupt POS.

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Oromagi says2014-07-07T12:26:50.0362868-05:00
I agree with D'souza when he pled guilty 5 weeks ago to bribing govt officials and lying to the cops about it. I agree with D'souza that he's committed crimes that will send him away for 4-7 years in a fed penitentiary.
discomfiting says2014-07-07T12:29:31.9646202-05:00
Lying and obstructing justice and being a criminal (straw donor). But yeah even though the bible says don't fricking steal, this guy is obviously the face of 'Christian Morals Weekly'
Fanath says2014-07-07T13:03:52.1559660-05:00
On what?
HammerPairUSMC says2014-07-07T23:39:59.9254549-05:00
Well well the script is flipped......Guilty until proven innocent or innocent until proven guilty? Sounds like we will have to wait an see the outcome! Still does put a black eye on the films he has made, guilty or not! If we where asking about Eric Holder or lois lerner would some people still be foaming at the mouth?
HammerPairUSMC says2014-07-07T23:43:46.0786549-05:00
I think the trial is set for Sept 24!
HammerPairUSMC says2014-07-07T23:48:31.5592429-05:00
It is hard to say i agree with his perspectives it would be like agreeing with Michael Moore's movies. Both are far right and left in extreme ways.
The_Immortal_Emris says2014-07-09T15:09:41.2286796-05:00
Hammer...His SENTENCING is set for September , not his trial. He's already pleaded guilty to five counts. There is no outcome to wait on.

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