Do you agree with Ronald Reagan's signing of the Simpson-Mazzoli Act?

Posted by: discomfiting

Ronald Reagan gave over 3 million "job stealing mexicans that are a drain on our economy" legal U.S citizenship

  • Yes I agree with pathway citizenship!

  • No, kick them all out!

80% 4 votes
20% 1 votes
  • So why do people have a problem Obama's reform bill? Close the borders and create pathway citizenship for illegals here..

  • Leave a comment (optional)This action has changed the face and culture of my community. Those 3 million in just a few decades reproduced their race to where they (being their choices, their vote) are now what we have to live with. In my community if you do not speak Spanish, you cannot get a job. Look at those holding the sign for the yes vote " Pathway to citizenship for families" Each of these people anchor here and then bring upwards of 50 family members that won't ever bother themselves to learn English. Everything in my American community is geared to Spanish speaking and their culture. America doesn't do this for any other culture and do you think if I went to Mexico I could call and a whole community would be in English. they would not waste the resources or money doing so. Reagan killed his own western white house community of Santa Barbara. It should be repealed and all of them should be deported. The rules for emigration are written for this very reason so that you can't just have huge numbers of any one country immigrating so America is not taken over by another country or culture. One of the worse and most devastating actions in history.

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