Do you agree with Socrates that "no one does wrong willingly and knowingly"?

Posted by: Bob13

A quote from Socrates. Do you agree?

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Vox_Veritas says2015-10-04T20:35:16.6967655Z
I can assure you that people often know what they're doing is wrong.
nolsog says2015-10-07T19:14:59.3273973Z
People do what they feel is in there best interest at the time of the decision. Right and wrong rarely comes into it.
Anonymous says2015-10-07T22:36:42.2017433Z
Ok, other people that disagree: please stop insinuating the myth that the majority or most of wrongdoers feel like they're doing wrong. The opposite is true; people usually feel justified in killing, stealing, etc. out of some notion of justice or restoring moral order. The only reason anyone should vote 'no' on this is because obviously there are SOME cases where people knowingly do wrong. But not as often as you people seem to think.
Furyan5 says2015-10-18T12:43:04.5772210Z
Ethically wrong and morally wrong are two different things. Ethics are the values set by society and most of us do things that are ethically wrong if our morals allow it. Morals are our subjective values and we do sometimes do things our morals say are wrong, but usually it's because of our ethical values. Nobody does something they regard as unethical and imorral. It's either or, but never both.

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