Do you approve of the actions of the GOP in Congress that led to the government shutdown?

Posted by: imabench

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bigdave says2013-10-17T23:36:36.8304405-05:00
Imabench ...Can you support that statement but without pejorative language?
bigdave says2013-10-17T23:49:19.8108405-05:00
Sept. 29: GOP-led House changes its demands from defunding Obamacare to delaying the implementation of the law for one year and repealing its tax on medical devices. Sept. 30: The Democratic-led Senate rejects that reworked House proposal. Bill returns to the House, who once again rework their demands. This time, instead of the Sept. 29th provisions, the House GOP asks that the president delay for one year Obamacare’s “individual mandate” to buy health insurance; and that the president require Congress and its staff to pay unsubsidized health insurance costs. The Senate rejects those provisions, and so… Oct. 1: Commence (partial) government shutdown. 800,000 federal workers furloughed.

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