Do you believe Abrahamic faith (Christianity, Islam, etc.) will go extinct?

Posted by: o0jeannie0o

Maybe due to its unchanging nature or more people swiching faith and beliefs.

  • Yes I believe Abrahamic faith will die out

  • No I think It will last

38% 12 votes
62% 20 votes
  • Going to talk a long(ish) time, but sure it will.

    Posted by: TBR
  • As technology progresses the speed and efficiency of how humanity communicates will increase. Religion will die out faster than you think. This is the age of information after all.

    Posted by: reece
  • Yes. Not, perhaps, in the immediate future or within my lifetime, but yes. As science has risen, religion has shrunk. Take a look at the facts, the more advanced a country is, the higher the atheist or secular population. Take Japan vs. Africa. Which is obviously more advanced? Japan. Which is more religious? Africa.

  • Most religions that have existed have gone extinct, and as an atheist I don't have any reason to think that these religions are any different. These will take a very long time to go extinct, but they will, unless humans die put before this could happen (hey, you never know what could happen). Atheism is visibly on the rise, there will be other religions that will rise above the status of "cult" before and after Abrahamic religions, but as an atheist, I think atheism will prevail

  • Either it's going to be phased out when people can no longer use the god argument to explain things, or will die violently in a large religious war.

  • Do people still worship the gods of the Greeks? No, therefore this religion as all religions now looked at as mythology will eventually die out.

    Posted by: SE2
  • Extinct is a very bad word to put in this context. Literally all of them will go extinct at one point. But anyways they will be almost extinct in a couple of hundred of years for sure

  • Christianity is not what Jesus intended. the Catholic church hijacked and changed Jesus' message. Christianity has reformed itself in many ways but until the Church tells people the truth and relinqueshes their lie that you can only connect to God through them, the religion is doomed. Islam is a mess. It is in desperate need for reform. Violence, fear and lies permeate it and it has to lose its Arab centric ways and modernize. It is a waring religion that is also highly controlling. The strange thing is, there is a hidden truth in the original intent of Islam. It too will probably die by force if It doesn't reform, because it is heading straight on into a war with Christianity Judaism and the West in general

  • Followers of the Abrahamic faiths make up literally HALF of the human population.

  • It's very common, unlikely to go extinct.

  • Considering the amount of people who follow these religions, they will exist in some way shape or form for any foreseeable future.

  • I'm trying to make it very small, but even now there's still people who believe in Zeus. Even if people would totally stop believing there's plenty of other stupid idea's people can believe in. Just ending the religion itself is not good enough. Atheism is just the rejection of one bad idea, it does not provide you with a world view or morals, Stalin and Mao showed that.

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Emilrose says2015-06-21T13:58:55.7314708-05:00
Judaism should be first.
o0jeannie0o says2015-06-21T14:17:32.3285858-05:00
Does it really matter?
Black-Jesus says2015-06-22T14:38:08.4264879-05:00
@o0jeannie0o, how could it not matter? This affects everybody because these religions aren't some fringe, they are followed by more than 50% of the world's population and they have played a pivotal role in history since their conception and will continue to do so because a lot of the most powerful nations in the world are majority held by people of one of these three religions.
58539672 says2015-06-22T16:07:25.3980747-05:00
The number of religious people in the world (especially the abrahamic faiths) is increasing globally while people like atheists, agnostics, and other unaffiliated are decreasing (except for the US, France, New Zealand, and the Netherlands). The unaffiliated category has always been in the minority and is still decreasing. Islam is currently the fastest growing religion followed by Christianity.
Black-Jesus says2015-06-22T20:48:37.5969055-05:00
I meant in countries like US, France, etc.
Black-Jesus says2015-06-22T20:53:46.7457462-05:00
I meant to put in "(at least in some developed countries)" between "rise" and ", there" after that first parentheses
Black-Jesus says2015-06-22T20:53:58.8538834-05:00
Sorry, folks
58539672 says2015-06-22T22:19:40.8531661-05:00
Their is more to the world than US, France, etc.. Atheists in these countries seem to have this notion that their belief system is growing rapidly, when in fact their are less and less atheists in the world every year. This applies to both first, second, and third world countries except for the US, France, New Zealand, and the Netherlands who have the largest atheists growth rate in the world (and even then their still the minority).
58539672 says2015-06-22T22:22:31.1928418-05:00
So when I hear someone say that religion is vanishing and soon everyone will be an unaffiliated, I hear someone who views their region as an accurate representation of the entire planet (which is both arrogant and ignorant).
TBR says2015-06-22T22:23:47.1975034-05:00
Religions come and go. Nothing new about that.
Black-Jesus says2015-06-22T22:58:50.9114159-05:00
I didn't say that atheism is on the rise worldwide, I said (or I meant to say) that it is on the rise in some developed countries. I also never said that the transition to atheism would be soon, I explicitly said "These [the three religions in question] will take a very long time to go extinct." I also never said that I believed that my region is representative of the rest of the world because that is unbelievably ignorant. All I said and all I meant to say was that, because of my believe in the absence of a god, and seeing how and why people around me are turning to the same conclusion, that this will lead to the rise of secularism and the fall of these major religions, and possibly the fall of other religions. When I say "the people around me" this is not me considering my culture to apply to all over the world, because science is primarily the reason why most atheists are atheists, when they realize that they can, or can at least try, to explain things through science instead of religion, and science doesn't change based on culture or geographic position, therefore people of whatever religion of their region will probably turn to atheism like the people around me and in these choice developed countries. This is all conjecture and based off of my own opinion that there is no god/gods, I don't KNOW if there is a god, you don't KNOW if there is a god, no one KNOWS if there is a god. Please stop twisting my words. Oh, and another thing, please stop acting like "the unaffiliated category has always been in the minority" is even an argument, because I didn't say atheism was the majority or even close, I didn't even say it will be, I said "I think atheism will prevail", as in it might, hopefully, maybe.
58539672 says2015-06-23T14:21:12.6983038-05:00
@Black-Jesus My second post was directed toward you, my third one was directed to several individuals who commented in the yes category, mainly reece and LogicalOrange. I should have clarified my posts by labeling them to the individuals and I apologies for the confusion.
Black-Jesus says2015-06-23T14:42:17.3012692-05:00
@58539672, It's okay, it's partly my fault too
SE2 says2015-06-25T23:06:34.7993739-05:00
Follow the pattern of history. In x amount of years in the future students will be studying Christianity in a mythology class.
SE2 says2015-06-25T23:09:25.0906767-05:00
The reason atheism is not on the rise in underdeveloped countries as it is in developed countries is due to the fact that people in poorer less developed countries do not have the luxury or privelage to think critically about things such as religion.
58539672 says2015-06-25T23:27:22.2073879-05:00
@SE2 The Abrahamic religions are the first ones in all of recorded history to be actual global religions. They have reached a following that is measured in billions and should not be compared to previous religions of old. They will not vanish in any predictable future. And it is not just underdeveloped or developing countries that have a growing religious populace. Most of the developed world is also increasing in the number of religious people while having a decreasing number of unaffiliated. The only developed countries on the planet that have noticeable unaffiliated growth is the US, France, Netherlands, and New Zealand. Everyone else is either stagnant or on the decline.
reece says2015-06-26T02:52:40.6689448-05:00
Zealots are usually right-wing nut jobs. Do you agree that the more secular a country is, the more it thrives?
reece says2015-06-26T02:53:43.9125610-05:00
@SE2 sorry. You should really change sides.
o0jeannie0o says2015-07-14T10:26:35.0378023-05:00
@Black-Jesus It does not matter what order i write them in, It does not effect meaning.
o0jeannie0o says2015-07-14T10:27:03.5395504-05:00
(see first comment)

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