Do you believe Brexit will lead to a second referendum on Scottish Independence?

Posted by: Chris96

In 2014 Scotland had a referendum on Scottish independence, the motion of independence was ultimately rejected by 55% of the Scottish electorate. During the 2014 campaign the Better Together Campaign, who advocated unity, told the Scottish voters that their position in the EU was under threat if they were to vote Yes to independence. Now in 2016 after a UK wide referendum the prospect of being taken out of the EU is inevitable, and when you break down the vote going by each individual UK nation it is eviden

  • Yes - I believe Brexit will result in a second Scottish independence referendum.

  • No - I do not believe Brexit will result in a second Scottish independence referendum.

73% 8 votes
27% 3 votes
  • Well since most Scots voted to stay in the E.U. Logically the next referendum would most likely result in independence for reasons due to Brexit.

  • Although the UK government are against it, relations with EU nations will dramatically decrease if they don't allow a referendum to undergo, especially nations which have been outspoken on it, such as Denmark, Belgium, France, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Croatia and Poland. Whilst, given Nicola's determination to protect the will of the Scottish vote in both 2014 and 2016, and Theresa's determination for a Hard Brexit, if the only resort left is a referendum, then Nicola will take it.

  • Most Scottish people voted to stay in the EU so with this more popular vote and then the final decision Scotland won't be happy and call for a referendum

  • A hard brexit will make it harder for Scotland to leave. Anyway, there should not be another referendum because they had the option in 2014 and said no.

  • State of Internatiknal trade and economic interdependence are too tentative now to separate from larger economy.

    Posted by: MG2016
  • No. Because if the British government is smart and cares about its resources and GDP standing, it's going to take measures to prevent that sort of thing from happening!

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