Do You Believe Efficient Cold Fusion Is Viable?

Posted by: debate_power

"Efficient" meaning more energy resulting than expended.

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Loveshismom says2014-06-04T21:15:42.3906280-05:00
No idea what that is
Subutai says2014-06-04T21:45:34.0896984-05:00
No, because it would violate the law of conservation of energy. You didn't define efficiently correctly.
Juan_Pablo says2014-06-04T21:55:59.1894676-05:00
Though nuclear fusion is absolutely possible and happening inside of some stars, cold fusion doesn't appear to be possible and violates the law of the conservation of energy.
Subutai says2014-06-04T22:02:32.2643359-05:00
Note that I didn't say cold fusion itself violates the law of conservation of energy.
Subutai says2014-06-04T22:02:36.9131359-05:00
debate_power says2014-06-19T14:04:11.4514236-05:00
Oh, well I apologize for the error in which I might have alluded to the misconception that it is possible to create or destroy energy.

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