Do you believe faith healing actually works?

Posted by: Chilloutexpialidocious

Likely 1000's of people have died after being told to rely on god to heal their deadly sickness, injuries, whatever. Christian Science is a Christianity based new religious movement dedicated to faith healing. A noteable death was a 3 year old who suffered for 5 days with a painful, agonizing sickness. They believe that modern medicine is a temptation from Satan. Despite this, faith healing and churches that practice it still have many followers. The rest of the description is about Mariah Walton. When she

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No, it doesn't.

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Yes, it does.

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Chilloutexpialidocious says2016-07-01T21:15:29.9632478Z
Please not that I am specifying prayer alone, not faith healing combined with actual medical treatment.
Black-Jesus says2016-07-02T06:37:04.8075237Z
I concur: if combining prayer to God and medical treatment has the same success rating as just treatment alone or combining prayer to a lamp and treatment, then that's a good sign that faith healing is bull. I mean, just looking at it from a theist's perspective: if it is God's will that you live or die, wouldn't you live or die regardless of whether or not you pray? And if some he wants to live must pray to live, you don't think that's a tad stupid and unnecessary? What about the people who didn't pray and got to live? Why should they get to live? Is it because they have another purpose to fulfill? Then that again begs the question of "why pray?"
reece says2016-07-02T13:06:07.4969234Z
There have been tests. A group that doesn't know they're being prayed for and a group that isn't being prayed for at all, roughly has the same end results... The group that knows they're being prayed for tends to do worse, as if they have performance anxiety.
reece says2016-07-02T13:08:58.5102566Z
AtheistBrony says2016-07-05T04:13:59.0075571Z
A study, idk if its been peer reviewed yet, has shown praying doesn't help in fact in some instances, such as heart bypass surgery, makes it worse. I have two guesses as to why (but if we count the obviously wrong third one god is smiting you lol) which are the expect it to be handled so their immune system doesn't respond as quickly (studies confirm visualization can impact the immune system so expectations might as well) second is they were told they were being prayed for and considered it serious enough to deem it required to do, so that causes worry which promotes stresses and etc which negatively impact the immune system. Also if you disagree with me, I will pray for you.

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