Do you believe in a god?

Posted by: nastywoman

Just curious

Poll closed on 11/5/2016 at 12:00PM.
  • Yes

  • No

54% 14 votes
46% 12 votes
  • I have never heard an argument based upon evidence that supports the idea of a God, let alone a Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc. one. All those that claim to know there is a god and particularly those who claim they know what it wants and does, are making claims they have no right to make. There might be a God. I don't know. No one can possibly know. So the only option is to not assume either way.

  • Nah bruh I'm atheist. It just seems unlikely that some "magical" being created everything that we are and what we see. Not plausible to me at all.

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Mrpresident16 says2016-10-30T19:04:42.6586642Z
Prepare yourselves battle is to shortly commence DEUS VULT!
nastywoman says2016-10-30T20:38:01.7841558Z
I'm not trying to create nay sort of conflict here. I was only curious as to who was religious or faithful and who isn't.
Mrpresident16 says2016-10-30T20:56:44.3517517Z
I know I'm just kidding.
TheCoolestLoser says2016-11-03T20:07:53.0157166Z
It can not be proven whether there is or is not a deity of some sort. I would rather reserve judgment until irrefutable proof is available. Until then I can't pick either side.
Haileyfw says2016-11-20T20:28:52.5941385Z
I'm pretty much agnostic (look it up)
Phat says2016-11-21T05:35:13.2680541Z
If faced to choose whether matter has eternally existed or a Creator has eternally existed I'd go with the Creator.
froglegs says2017-09-14T18:05:00.8602219Z
Im not inclined to believe in a higher power due to the lack of evidence and the fact that whenever I ask a religious why I should believe they can never give me an answer to an extremely simple question.

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