• Yes

  • No

39% 9 votes
61% 14 votes
  • When people play dirty, you play dirty back.

  • I don't know if anyone here is taking into account if/when all other options have been exhausted in attempting to alter the minds of those "dishing out fire". For example, take republicans. We've tried reasoning with them, we've tried debating them, we've tried showing them logic, reasoning, and cold hard facts, and nothing phases them. They just keep spreading their lies and insults while holding onto their illogical, bigoted beliefs. These people are dishing out fire and getting everything they want from it. Rich people not making enough money? Leave it to republicans to serve up a hot plate of shit their fan base will devour which would otherwise repulse even the most moderate person. You quite literally have to stoop to their very, very low level for them to even begin understanding you, because they are too bigoted to see things differently from their narrow world view. If nothing else works, and with cockroach rethuglicunts nothing has, to to them exactly as they do to you. Make them feel pain in the very same way they apply it to others. Make them regret the day they fucked with you.

  • When Al- Qaeda sent their followers into the World Trade Centers, and for instance your daughter was killed in the crash, would you sit home and pray for them to change their ways? In some instances people are to far gone to change, that's why God created the A-10 Warthog.

  • its fair

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