• Yes

  • No

62% 44 votes
38% 27 votes
  • Thomas Aquinas gave this practical argument in favor of free will: "Moral language becomes meaningless if it does not exist"".

  • FSM has allowed us to have Free Will as that is what he wants.

  • no free will. prisoners for life. prisoners of what people think for u the best the bad. free will makes ones identity. enables u to do things one cannot possibly imagine. imagination know no bounds.

    Posted by: HHR
  • It's called quantum mechanics, your future is not determined because there is more than one future.

  • If I didn't, I wouldn't be able to choose this side.

  • Please remember if you are on the other side of this, you don't have to take responsibility for bad actions, but neither can you take credit for good ones.

    Posted by: BenD
  • It is more useful to think that you have it.

  • Cophenhagen b******

  • Yes, I do. Even if law doesn't allow me to do something, I can go ahead and do it, there's always/almost always a way to get around something, even if someone is trying to stop me from doing it.

  • Haven't seen any good evidence.

  • Not really sure what is meant by "free will". I believe in limited and/or weighted choices.

  • I guess I would call myself a determinist. However, while I believe that everything is technically deterministic, for most of our intents and purposes we should basically look at things as though we have free will.

  • Determinism, yep. Not only because it’s so in theory. I feel what my decisions depends on my past and current mood. Also I listen to music what I heard randomly once (no matter for what reasons) and liked (or even not, firstly), same with other tastes. And everytime I like it more and more. Then will search for new with formed preferences. This is how it works.

  • Sam Harris makes a lot of good arguments against free will. I don't really know if I have free will nor do I think I do, but I don't know if that matters because I certainly feel like I do.

  • If the speed of time can be altered than everything must be predetermined to do so.

    Posted by: Abrant
  • All we are is the product of our environment's interaction with our brain chemicals. We can not simply round up the complex workings of the human mind and label them as "Free-will"

    Posted by: d31152
  • There is a simple method to prove free will. If you like something, choose not to like it. If you don't like dogs, choose to like them. If you can do that by will alone then free will exists. If you can't, free will is an illusion.

  • No because allowing individuals to go unguided only leads to chaos and ruin.

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ladiesman says2016-02-22T19:21:04.3175156Z
Our moral practice of rewarding, praising, blaming, punishing, counseling and commanding show that we do believe in free will.
SamStevens says2016-02-22T20:32:01.7237995Z
whooplaah says2016-02-23T03:02:16.0607409Z
Studies have shown that our genetics predict our ability to control impulses and delay gratification. Self restraint, philosophically considered a moral practice, is heavily influenced by the biochemistry of our cells and our environment. Http://www.Pbs.Org/newshour/making-sense/marshmallow-test-really-tells-us/
snkcake666 says2016-02-26T20:09:13.8174800Z
@whooplah Nature versus nurture. Neither one triumphs over the other.
Furyan5 says2016-06-06T19:22:35.0691688Z
Our moral beliefs are a result of our experiences, not of our choosing but they do determine our actions and therefore moral language does not become meaningless if free will does not exist.
Furyan5 says2016-06-06T19:28:47.6931574Z
Anyone who believes in free will is too uninformed to realize why we do what we do, or they just can't accept that they are just puppets of factors over which they have no control.

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