Do You Believe In God?

Posted by: GooseOnTheLoose

Christians believe that there is an all powerful being who is responsible for everything that occurs in our universe. The trees, grass, clouds, stars, sun, and so on is all only possible because God exists. Where do you stand on this? Do you believe there is an all powerful God/Deity that watches over us and guides us or do you believe that God is a figment of imagination drawn up by delusion?

Poll closed on 2/25/2016 at 12:00PM.
  • Yes, God is real! I believe it with all of my heart!

  • No, God is just a figment of imagination!

49% 21 votes
51% 22 votes
  • I believe in God, but I do not believe in religious doctrine.

  • flamewar imminent.

  • Humanity cannot prove that God exists on a global scale. On a personal level, I do believe in some type of higher power. I consider myself an agnostic theist.

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PetersSmith says2016-02-20T20:39:00.8295367Z
PericIes says2016-02-20T22:43:39.1305384Z
These poll options assume that everyone is gnostic in either their atheism or theism. False dichotomy, yo.
reece says2016-02-21T04:01:31.2630550Z
Belief has nothing to do with being gnostic.
LazyLordGaming says2016-04-15T21:59:11.7331327Z
I believe that God was made by society to give people hope in times of turmoil. Nothing more.
Matthew07 says2016-11-25T08:38:56.9700699Z
Faith means not wanting to know what is true. — Friedrich Nietzsche

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