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triangle.128k says2015-05-25T18:45:59.1880681-05:00
-Grabs bag of popcorn for incoming flame war-
gabep says2015-05-25T18:46:41.9175637-05:00
@Triangle - How many times have you made that joke?
Juan_Pablo says2015-05-25T18:54:57.9478821-05:00
I believe he exist. However, I do not have faith in his power to make my life better.
Juan_Pablo says2015-05-25T18:57:33.0508217-05:00
God has never done anything to make my life easier. In fact, he's always worked to make it harder.
Juan_Pablo says2015-05-25T19:15:32.9903200-05:00
The Church can save people. But it's my position that God cannot.
Stalin_Mario says2015-05-25T19:52:30.5418033-05:00
To believe in something without evidence is unnecessary. To restrict your life from many of the world's pleasures and base your behavior as well as your treatment of others on said belief, is insane and idiotic.
triangle.128k says2015-05-25T19:57:06.6656853-05:00
I expected a large flame war, this is just pathetic. ):
ladiesman says2015-05-25T19:58:13.0513879-05:00
@Stalin_Mario You don't have to belong to an organized religion to believe in a divine power. You can be spiritual but not religious.
Juan_Pablo says2015-05-25T19:58:33.8369229-05:00
Stalin, I didn't search God out he sought me out! He broke through my door, crashed through my window, plopped through my floor board, and now I'm stuck with him.
ladiesman says2015-05-25T20:13:32.1421625-05:00
@Stalin Let me rephrase that; Just because someone believes in a supernatural creator does not necessarily mean their decisions will be based on that belief. You can be spiritual but not religious.
Reeseroni says2015-05-25T20:25:57.0426553-05:00
@triangle Is the popcorn stale yet?
Reeseroni says2015-05-25T20:26:05.2328653-05:00
Stalin_Mario says2015-05-25T20:29:51.9378781-05:00
I know, that's what I meant. To believe in god does not make you insane or idiotic. It just isn't necessary, in my opinion. Just when you do the things I listed before because of your faith in god, makes you insane and idiotic.
Reeseroni says2015-05-25T20:33:22.2312701-05:00
@Stalin_Mario It is only your opinion, plus it isn't your position to decide wether people having morals based on their religion are sane or not.
triangle.128k says2015-05-25T20:36:53.8662965-05:00
@Reeseroni Yes, it got stale from waiting so long for the supposed flame war in the comments. Yet the arguments in the comments aren't even that amusing, this is just pathetic.
ladiesman says2015-05-25T20:42:37.6293329-05:00
@Stalin I agree with you. Religion is a substandard moral justification.
ladiesman says2015-05-25T23:35:42.6653533-05:00
When I say religion is an inadequate moral justification, I mean when people condemn arbitrary behavior or say they oppose a particular social behavior (e.G. Abortion) and use their religious beliefs to back it up, that's not good enough.
PetersSmith says2015-05-25T23:58:29.6121695-05:00
I don't believe in the Abraham gods.
Deathbydefault says2015-05-26T02:46:00.0003223-05:00
Assuming you mean the Christian God here. Is it really expected for people to believe something some old book tells them? How cult like is that? "Hey man check out this book! :) It tells you when it's okay to murder and rape and own people! It's really cool!" Yeah, no. Thank you but your particular taste of girl scout cookies sickens me. I prefer the double chocolate with a side of reality kind.
Brenden-Lawrence says2015-05-26T06:47:30.5438324-05:00
Stop making this poll PLEASE
TheHappyReaper says2015-05-26T07:23:04.6659755-05:00
Triangle, may I have some popcorn please?
OpinionPersom121 says2015-05-26T17:52:28.6486166-05:00
@triangle yea I excepted bigger flames too on this argument
Najs says2015-06-19T18:17:37.9099614-05:00
Yes. But, I believe most if not all religions' idea of God is mostly false or false completely and they would not recognize God if God was visible in front of their faces nor do we completely know the nature of God. The only correct aspect of theists is that there is a higher being beyond ourselves. God is neither male or female. God is not some bearded old man in the sky nor is the entity a spaghetti monster or a human that walked among us. Our very existence and the universe/multiverse is evidence enough. God possibly does not participate or participates rarely in the physical realm.
ladiesman says2015-06-19T18:22:11.1336156-05:00
@Najs I too believe religion has assumed too much about the nature of God/gods.

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