Do you believe in magic?

Posted by: o0jeannie0o

Please define the type of magic if you know it!

  • Yes, I think magic is real

  • No, I dont think magic is actually in the universe

44% 22 votes
56% 28 votes
  • Not blaming anyone for not believing. I shook my head when my friend told me a girl put a spell on her in high school. My friend wound up in the hospital the next day and remained there for over a week. Some kids in our high school were into it and I saw and experienced more things than I can tell. You simply have to see it to believe it. There comes that point where it is all far beyond coincidence.

  • Semantics. Depends on what you consider magic to mean. For my vote I used the definition: unexplained phenomena. Unexplained doesn't mean that it cannot be explained, just that it hasn't been.

  • moving energy and focusing it is magic to wiccans.

  • If you mean magic like in Harry Potter, I like to believe that it is possible. I often fantasize about having mystical powers.

  • Friendship is magic

  • magic is just science that we haven't discovered yet

    Posted by: Bob13
  • Why else do curses work? I think that there is some form of Satanism or demonic power that is behind the work of medims and witches, etc.

    Posted by: jusu
  • Magic isn't something that can't be explained. At once the ability to fly was magic. To get to space was magic. A calculator was magic. When you see something and you can't explain its existence and how it all comes together it's magic to you. BUT I DO NOT THINK YOU CAN HAVE SUPER POWERS

  • I use to hold faith in magic... But then I grew up.

  • I've at no point believed in magic. Unless, like, divine miracles, but I don't believe in those since I became an atheist, obviously.

  • No scientific evidence, no reason to believe it exists, it probably doesn't.

  • Magic as a definition is defying laws of nature. This is incredibly stupid notion to me if we talk seriously. ANYTHING that exists gets incorporated into scientific dogma. If it exists we simply add it to the list. I do however loooove Harry Potter and I'd like to be able to do stuff they do... Harry Potter is just badly explained science fiction to me... and science fiction is as far as I know never defies laws that had been discovered up to the point of writing it. It simply adds new laws or exceptions to existing laws...

  • When I was an impressionable kid, I believed in magic. But now that I have matured intellectually, I see magic for what it is, complete garbage and nothing more than an illusion.

  • I believe in the power that comes from believing in magic. But true magic ... no.

  • I have heard that "Magic is just Science we don't understand yet" however there is Divine intervention and other acts of god but those don't fall under magic. most forms of 'magic' is just slight of hand or fake legs.

  • From the words of Arthur C Clarke "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. " What appears as magic is simply science we do not yet understand.

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briantheliberal says2015-08-21T22:52:57.3937621Z
There is no such thing as magic, as in supernatural forces being exploited through the use of sorcery, spells etc... The universe has laws that simply cannot be defied.
PericIes says2015-08-22T01:57:37.2734522Z
Depends on what one means by magic I suppose. Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
BarbaraStirling says2015-08-22T03:27:05.6658896Z
If everything is made up of atoms and atoms are energy, how does the magic defy those laws?
reece says2015-08-22T05:33:15.0146200Z
@BarbaraStirling I think he was going on the lines of cause and effect.
o0jeannie0o says2015-08-22T22:29:06.4837499Z
@Renegader reported. There is no need for that.
Renegader says2015-08-23T05:40:17.8208351Z
You can't censor the truth
o0jeannie0o says2015-08-24T04:20:51.3942126Z
Personal attacks have nothing to do with truth, opinions, or this site.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-08-24T15:45:47.0813940Z
Well you shouldn't say 'retarded', it's magic to them because they are uneducated or ignorant to physics ... Not 'retarded'.
o0jeannie0o says2015-08-24T17:31:03.3869464Z
"uneducated or ignorant to physics" Yea, Hi, Wiccan here. Still offensive firstly. Secondly Wicca, although non-dogmatic, encourages education and seeking knowledge. Magic does not contradict physics, not the way we define it. For most of us Magic is working with energy. Everyone does it everyday to a point. You eat and get energy, you supersize and you spend energy. Wiccans believe we can raise energy, focus it and release it to effect the outcomes of situations. MANY people practice it, they just dont refer to the practice as magic or spell work like we do. Best selling Books and inspirational movies like "The Secret" are common uses of this exact practice. In science, more specifically psychology we call this practice "self-fulfilling prophecy". Book: Example: To you wishing someone luck is just a nice way to either be nice (why?) or improve their chances (in an unknown way OR by raising their confidence). To a witch, Its magic and spells.
o0jeannie0o says2015-08-24T17:32:21.7321552Z
Exercise* not supersize , although that would get you more calories to spend.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-08-24T17:54:04.6463624Z
"Wiccans believe we can raise energy, focus it and release it to effect the outcomes of situations." I suppose it would just be the methods, the way they attempt to apply said energy, that are completely ridiculous. Like believing you could focus energy or inflict pain on some inanimate object unbeknownst to a person and have your actions inflict bad luck (or even direct pain) on that person. As if there were a strong enough connection between a person and a lock of their hair that could do something like that.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-08-24T17:57:56.3279028Z
Or thinking any amount of candle burning and meditation within your own house could create significant physical changes to weather, fortune, or anything else going on outside. You could definitely call that 'out-of-touch' with or uneducated about the nature of our universe.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-08-24T18:04:09.6142740Z
Im interested though in the types of magic that you referred to there being in the description. Perhaps some do exist in a convoluted form. Like say, illusion.
o0jeannie0o says2015-08-24T18:37:08.9127808Z
Depends on the wiccan or even the Witch. Most wiccans agree with "harming none" in all things including spell work. If a wiccan believed they could control people it would be considered mind control and harmful to them. That being said it would backfire anyway due to "X3 rule (like Karma but with intentions)".
o0jeannie0o says2015-08-24T18:38:26.1332758Z
Personally I dont believe I can affect anything outside of my own mind/actions using magic. It also means that if i do a spell to "find a job" I cant simply sit around and wait for it to come to me. The spell is used to focus on what i want and help give me the confidence to get it. Belief in God or "supernatural" is optional. Again, magic is completely logical depending on what you believe it is.
o0jeannie0o says2015-08-24T18:39:40.0621497Z
Technically speaking all magicians magic is indeed illusion magic. Just because it is logical does not mean its invalid as a part of Magic
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-08-24T18:47:59.9821176Z
There is another! This 3-fold law you mentioned. Completely incorrect by all physics based logic. That would completely contradict the law of conservation of energy. What youre stating is some kind of multiplicative effect from exerting a force on an object, and on top of that youre saying it all comes back on that person. Thats insane. There would have to be 2 other independent forces acting back against you too, on top of the natural one. What are those? Where do they come from? Is that some type of Wiccan gods at work there? Because it certainly would not be all nature. Nature doesn't behave that way.
o0jeannie0o says2015-08-24T20:48:10.3959746Z
The threefold law is mostly used as an arbitrary way of saying positive attracts more positive and negative more negative. This is still science, just not with actual physical things. If you smile in public you are more likely to get other people smiling at you. If you are an a-hole in public then you are more likely to have people be a d-bag back. Again this depends on the Wiccan, Still you are taking things too literal man.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-08-25T18:06:31.6036731Z
So what, those extra forces are just there to incentivize your use of magic? To make you think you might be dealing yourself more harm than the person youre targeting? Sounds more like an addition for Wiccan morality than a true law of nature.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-08-25T18:07:41.1489189Z
Thats all the concept of Karma ever was, too.
o0jeannie0o says2015-08-25T18:35:48.9906030Z
I suppose you could say that is true, I believe morality and well, anything in this world (concept or not) is indeed natural, If it weren't then we would not have it.

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