Do you believe in predestination or karma?

Posted by: yay842

Do you think you can control your fate?

  • Predestination: my fate is determined the moment I am born

  • Karma: I can choose my destiny based on my actions

41% 7 votes
59% 10 votes
  • I would choose karma, but karma is a troll who gives a bad time to those good people out there: Martin Luther King, nuked; Abraham Lincoln, shot; etc. Karma is a gigantic douche to me when I've done good things and then I get screwed over by some random stuff. Plus, there's many bad people who end up getting rich or powerful.

    Posted by: yay842
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TheYummyCod says2013-09-10T21:44:37.5376102-05:00
I would choose both... Our fate is decided by our own actions but they are ordained by God.
yay842 says2013-09-10T21:55:20.3167711-05:00
Da fudge?
Humble_Theist99 says2013-10-13T08:26:45.5724674-05:00
This doesn't make sense. Karma would explain predestination. Karma is merely cause and effect. This happened because this was and that happened.
Mr.Ama-zing says2014-04-25T15:18:14.3691969-05:00
I believe in you pick your life. No one can tell you what would happen to you. I do not believe that something made us take left besides of right. Because then why do we think about it to much then? It's we have to decide it and fate never made us do it

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