Do you believe in the divine command theory?

Posted by: captainsparrow

A meta-ethical theory that states morality is grounded in the will of God.

  • Yes

  • No

47% 9 votes
53% 10 votes
  • It raises some problems; it makes morality arbitrary. It opens up the possibility that immoral acts might not be wrong if God said so. Kierkegaard pointed that out in Fear and Trembling. Second, if morality is what God commands and forbids, then God invents morality. But if God has no independent reason to command what he wills, than morality has no rational structure.

  • No. God isn't really a source of morality. Morality emanates from a society's desire to live comfortably and promote the safety and interests of it's citizens (or those with authority). The only way God could establish morality is if he promised people unrealistic gifts for their loyalty, like riches and eternal paradise; since God cannot provide those things to people realistically, his impact on morality is minimal.

  • Does God command morality because it is morally right, or is it morally right because God commands it?

  • I believe in God and objective morality, but the divine command theory loses to the euthyphro dilemma. Is an action good because God commands it, or does he command it because it is good?

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Falperolf says2016-10-28T14:44:35.7952107Z
He is all powerful! You can't say that an all powerful being can't do something!
captainsparrow says2016-10-28T17:29:29.7587754Z
Either an act is good because God wills it or God wills it because it's good in itself. That's what the Euthyphro Dilemma asks; if the former is true, might makes right. And in the case of the latter, God is bound by the moral law rather than being its establisher.

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