• Yes it'll eventually trickle down!

  • It's not going to trickle down, it's a lie!

55% 12 votes
45% 10 votes
  • Not with the current system we have- the great imbalance.

  • still waiting for that trickle down

  • I feel that it is against human nature to have a fully socialist state where money eventually reaches the poorest.

  • No. If the concept actually worked, it would've done so when Reagan was in office. Trickle-down economics had little effect, during Reagan's 8 years. By the time Bush 41 was President, this country was on the brink of slipping back into recession. Which is why Bill Clinton campaigned in '92 saying, "It's the economy, stupid!" If the trickle-down concept had worked, Bill couldn't have campaigned on the economy approximately 11 years later!

  • It hasn't yet.

  • No.

  • There is no trickle down because everything is based upon voluntary exchange for mutual profit. If the exchange is voluntary and one of the parties does not believe that he/she will profit, the exchange does not occur. To say that money trickles down is to believe the economy revolves around cash and not profit motive. Money is simply a placeholder for the wealth created by individuals who seek to exchange said wealth for the wealth of others in order to gain a net benefit from the whole operation, this is also known as turning a profit. Nothing trickles, there is only exchange (ideally) or theft (not ideal and usually results in incarceration of the perpetrator).

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KeithKnight13 says2014-07-10T16:32:51.0393472-05:00
Trickle-down Theory: An increase in the accesability to products and services overtime to those in a lower income bracket. Beware of just looking at dollar amounts when considering trickle down theory, we have a monopolized Central Bank which doesn't allow us to numerically measure growth properly. In 1924 Calvin Coolidge's son died because of a blister infection he got while playing tennisi on the South Lawn of the White House. An ilness that physicians say Penicillian could have saved his life, is now something (along with cars, internet, cell phones, AC, television, washing machines) the masses can access because there was an incentive to produce a quality product at a competitive price to the everyday consumer.
Warik says2014-07-11T17:04:03.9821365-05:00
Just wanted to add: Reagan raised taxes 11 times during his presidency.

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